Stevie Nicks Revealed She Always Needs These Costly Items in Her Home

Stevie Nicks isn’t the kind of celebrity who spends enormous amounts of money on frivolous things. However, there are certain items she splurges on. Nicks definitely spends a decent amount on her vast wardrobe of mostly black clothes (she once revealed she wears the color to look thinner, not because she’s a witch). There’s also her temperature-controlled vault, where she stashes thousands of her most valuable iconic Stevie Nicks shawls.

Besides those essentials, though, there are a couple more big-ticket items that Nicks has to have in her home at all times. When she’s not making new music or touring the world, Nicks has to have these expensive things near her to feel content.

Stevie Nicks wearing black on the red carpet of the 2017 LA Film Festival.
Stevie Nicks | Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Stevie Nicks has to have ‘fabulous’ sheets

In 2011, Nicks revealed 25 things fans don’t know about her to Us Weekly. At number 2, Nicks revealed that she thinks “fabulous sheets are crucial.” We really didn’t expect anything less from Nicks, but this raises more questions than anything else.

What color are her sheets? Are they silk, satin, maybe even Eygptian cotton? How expensive are they? And finally, what makes them so fabulous to Nicks?

One thing we do know about Nicks’ bed set up is that she doesn’t own a bed frame. At number 16, Nicks revealed, “I believe it’s good to have your mattress on the floor.” So, no fancy four-poster bed frame for Nicks.

Surely Nicks cares more about the actual comfort of the bed rather than the decorative aspects of it because of her bad insomnia. By the time Nicks’ head hits the pillow, it’s already 8 a.m., so anything to make her feel comforted when she can’t sleep is key.

But there’s another item Nicks is willing to splash the cash for in the name of her comfort.

Nicks needs her workout gear

At 73 years old, Nicks needs to keep in shape somehow, or else she won’t be able to tour as much as she likes. So it’s no surprise that the other item Nicks is willing to fork out for is a workout machine, specifically a Power Plate.

“I use a Power Plate machine to work out,” Nicks said on number 9 on her list to Us Weekly. Depending on which Power Plate model Nicks has and what year she purchased it, a Power Plate can cost anywhere between $1,495 and $15,995.

But what does a Power Plate help you do? On the company’s website, they write, “Power Plate has been recognized as the world leader in the whole body vibration category for over 21 years with patented Advanced Vibration technology that oscillates in three (3) planes (up and down, side to side, and front to back). When Power Plate was introduced in 1999, we ignited a global health and fitness revolution by redefining exercise.”

Basically, it gives your body’s muscles a high-speed workout through vibration. You don’t have to do much work other than keeping your balance on top of the machine. No wonder Nicks can still spin around on stage without falling. Her Power Plate has given her powerful balancing skills.


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Nicks shops at affordable places too

There are probably more expensive things in Nicks’ house than just her sheets and her Power Plate. However, there are a couple of inexpensive things that Nicks can’t live without as well.

Lighting is essential to Nicks. She often uses rainbow lightbulbs, and she likes to keep holiday lights strung around one of her trees in the backyard all year round.

On her desk is a gold Buddha frog from Pier 1, she loves furry hot water bottles, and she hangs all her important jewelry in her bathroom on a goddess statue and sconces.

Either way, we’re wildly curious to see Nicks’ home. It’s clear that she doesn’t live alone in a cabin in the swamps like Misty Day from American Horror Story.