Stevie Nicks Shared the Movie That Everyone Should Have ‘on Replay at All Times’

Over the course of her years in the public eye, Stevie Nicks has recommended a number of other artistic projects to her fans. While she often speaks about other musicians, she has also shared the way that books, film, and television have impacted her life. Recently, she described the film that she considers the best way to help her out of difficult periods of her life. 

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Stevie Nicks has found inspiration in film before

Recently, Nicks has spoken about her affinity for the Twilight book and movie series. She shared that it spurred a new passion for songwriting in her.

“If it hadn’t been for your movies,” she told Taylor Lautner on The Late Late Show With James Corden. “I’ve since made two records — In Your Dreams and 24 Karat Gold — I would never have never made those albums because I was so staunch in my belief that it was over.”

Long before this, though, Nicks’ love of film was well known. A new friend ingratiated himself to her with a rare videotape of Led Zepplin’s 1976 concert film. Per the book Gold Dust Woman: The Biography of Stevie Nicks by Stephen Davis, the concert film was often played in her home, in addition to Dumbo and Jean Cocteau’s Beauty and the Beast.

She shared the movie that helps her through difficult times

More recently, Nicks shared a new film that she loves to watch. When she goes through periods of what she refers to as “the Nicks crazies,” she likes to put on the 2016 animated film Storks. It helps her through difficult times.

“Do something that really makes you happy,” she told The New Yorker. “Or go out and rent some great movies that you’ve always wanted to see, like Storks. [Laughs.] It’s my favorite movie. I’ve watched it six times and it’s just so great.”

She explained that she appreciates the film’s tone.

“It’s the sweetest movie,” she explained. “It’s about the storks going out of business and they become, like, FedEx, and they only deliver packages. No more babies. And they accidentally push the wrong button and one baby comes through — there’s the little star of the whole movie. The storks are her only friends. You just have to buy this movie and have it on replay at all times. It’s a cartoon, but it’s a massive movie of life and love and sadness and tragedy. That’s my answer to depression: Storks.”

Does Stevie Nicks have children?

Despite her love of this children’s movie, Nicks does not have kids of her own. She made a conscious decision not to have kids when she joined Fleetwood Mac.

“If Christine [McVie] was in this room with me right now, she’d tell you that we both made the decision not to have kids and instead follow our musical muse around the world,” Nicks told The Guardian. “It’s not my job, it’s who I am.”

Despite this, Nicks has many godchildren who would likely love to watch Storks with her.

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