Stevie Nicks Thinks It’s ‘Nearly Impossible’ to Maintain a Relationship as a Rock Star

Stevie Nicks is famous for her songs, graceful onstage twirls, and timeless wardrobe. She’s spent most of her life dedicated to music. Therefore, she has a good idea of how her career impacts certain aspects of her personal life. The Fleetwood Mac singer shared that she thinks it’s practically impossible to have a long-lasting romantic relationship as a musician. 

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Is Stevie Nicks married?

Nicks has had several famous relationships with other musicians. In 1975, Nicks and then-boyfriend Lindsey Buckingham joined Fleetwood Mac together after struggling to promote their career as a duo. Soon after joining, the pair had a public and messy split that inspired the album Rumours. From there, she dated Don Henley and Joe Walsh of The Eagles and had an affair with bandmate Mick Fleetwood.

Nicks has only been married once to her friend’s widower, Kim Anderson. Just before Nicks’ friend Robin died, she gave birth to a son. Nicks and Anderson wed with the intention of raising the child together. Ultimately, they realized that the union was a mistake and divorced after three months.

The Fleetwood Mac singer says it’s difficult to maintain relationships because of her schedule

In 1982, Nicks reflected on the difficulty she had forming solid romantic relationships while working as a musician. 

“I find it nearly impossible,” she told High Times. “Anyone that you meet is going to be in some way in the business. I don’t meet people who aren’t in the business. I don’t go anywhere to meet them. What am I going to do, sit in a bar?”

With such a busy schedule, it can be difficult to make time for a partner.

“At some point or another, my job gets to them. It’s easy to understand,” she said. “’No, I can’t have dinner, I have interviews.’ ‘But we were in New York all week and we didn’t get to have dinner once.’ ‘I’m sorry, what do you want me to do, call everybody and cancel?’”

She explained that for anyone outside of her industry, dealing with a musician’s schedule becomes grating.

“You make the time for Fleetwood Mac, you make the time for the interviews, you make the time to go to the record company, you make the time to go stop by a radio station, but you don’t make the time for your boyfriend,” she said. “And slowly that creeps into their head, that you are not making the time for them, but you make the time for everyone else.”

Stevie Nicks says she’s a romantic

Despite having a difficult time with relationships, Nicks says that she’s still a romantic. She said that she’s fallen in love at first sight four times in her life, and she believes that it might happen again.

“I haven’t gone out with anyone in a long, long time,” she told The Guardian. “But I will say, I am always a romantic and I’m never averse to the fact that it is possible that you might turn a street corner and walk into somebody that just catches your eye, because it’s happened to me a million times. So, could I fall in love and run away with somebody at 72 years old? Yeah. It’s probably not gonna happen, but it’s possible.”

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