Stevie Nicks Wants to Be Reincarnated as Her Own Dog

As a world-famous musician, Stevie Nicks has lived a life that many people only dream of. While happy with the career she’s had and the life she’s led, she wouldn’t want to be reincarnated as herself. That’s not to say that she wouldn’t want to be removed from her old life entirely. Nicks shared that she’d like to come into the world as her own dog. Here’s why.

A black and white picture of Stevie Nicks holding a dog.
Stevie Nicks and a dog | Fin Costello/Redferns

Stevie Nicks believes in some form of life after death

While Nicks wasn’t always sure she believed in the afterlife, she became a firm believer because of her mother. Nicks explained that after her mother’s death, she often felt her presence.

“Some people are really afraid of dying, but I’m not,” she told The Guardian. “I’ve always believed in spiritual forces. I absolutely know that my mom is around all the time.”

She explained that she communicates with her mother’s spirit in times of need and will often receive help, particularly if she’s lost something.

“It’s so real and creepy, and I always just go ‘Thank you, Barbara,’” she told the LA Times. “I sometimes feel I have more of a relationship with my mom since she’s been dead than I did before she died.”

The Fleetwood Mac singer would like to be reincarnated as her dog

For her own afterlife existence, Nicks has an idea of how she’d like to come back.

“I’d come back as a Yorkshire terrier, owned by me,” she told Vanity Fair.

Nicks is a pet owner who brings her dogs everywhere with her. Her current dog, Lily, travels on private planes, wears matching cashmere outfits with Nicks, and meets celebrity friends like Sheryl Crow and Harry Styles.

“After each show we get on a plane to go to the next city,” Nicks told InStyle. “We always fly private, and she prefers a G4 jet because it’s easier for her to run up and down the aisle. When we stay in nice hotels, she knows the one rule is she can’t pee on the Persian carpets or we’ll be banished. Sometimes I have to remind her of that. When we do get a break from touring, we go home to our condo in California.”

Nicks added that she loves having Lily around because “I never feel lonely because she follows me around and keeps me laughing with all the goofy things she does. With Lily there, I always feel good.”

Though Lily brings Nicks joy, it seems that it goes both ways. Life as Nicks’ dog doesn’t sound too bad.

Stevie Nicks was initially ‘freaked out’ by one of her dogs

Before Lily, Nicks had a Yorkshire terrier mix called Sulamith, after the German painter of mysticism, Sulamith Wülfing. Not knowing Sulamith was part hairless Chinese Crested, Nicks was understandably alarmed when she noticed bald spots.

“I totally freaked out!” she told Vulture.

Eventually, though, Nicks fell in love with the breed and deliberately sought out another Chinese Crested after Sulamith’s death.

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