Stevie Nicks Wrote Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Sisters of the Moon’ While Struggling on Tour: ‘I Was Sick’

Stevie Nicks is the mastermind behind several Fleetwood Mac originals, including Tusk’s “Sisters of the Moon.” The artist reportedly began writing this track while on tour. Nicks even thought she was “dying” from being sick. 

Fleetwood Mac released ‘Sisters of the Moon’ with ‘Tusk’

Stevie Nicks performs during day 4 of the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival
Stevie Nicks performs during day 4 of the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival | VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images

Originally included on Tusk, “Sisters of the Moon” currently holds over 20 million Spotify plays, making it one of the most popular songs from the collection. The song was predominately written by Nicks, with fans sharing their own theories about its meaning.

With speculations of Nicks practicing witchcraft (which the artists leaned in to for her appearance on American Horror Story), some listeners on Song Meaning believe this song is about a coven and one “gothic-type” woman.

“Some call her sister of the moon,” the lyrics state. “Some say, illusions are her game / They like to wrap her in velvet / Does anyone, ooh, know her name?”

Others believed “Sisters of the Moon” could be about the stage persona of Nicks. The artist is often seen dressed in black, as noted in lyrics like “Her black robes trailing” and “Well, the people, they love her / And still, they are the most cruel.” In a radio interview, the artist elaborated on when, and how, she wrote the Fleetwood Mac song.

Stevie Nicks wrote ‘Sisters of the Moon’ while she was sick

Nicks reportedly began writing this song during Fleetwood Mac’s 1975 tour. Struggling to adjust to life on the road, the artist wouldn’t eat and had difficulty sleeping. It was from this place that the Fleetwood Mac member created “Sisters of the Moon.”

“I walked out in front of a mirror and looked at myself,” Nicks said during a 1979 radio interview with Jim Ladd. “And I was sick. I went, ‘Oh, poor sad little thing. She must be dying.'”

As noted by Music Spotlight Magazine, Fleetwood Mac described this original as turning “blues into something creative and beautiful.” According to the YouTube description, Christine McVie is credited as a keyboardist, synthesizer plate, vocalist, and producer on the Tusk original. 

Guitar, Producer, Vocals: Lindsey Buckingham recorded the guitar and vocals, also acting as a producer. Mick Fleetwood is credited on drums, percussion, and as a producer. Nicks is listed as the lead vocalist and songwriter.


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Stevie Nicks co-wrote Fleetwood Mac hits, including ‘Storms’ and ‘Dreams’

Nicks sometimes reveals the meaning behind her Fleetwood Mac originals. That includes “Storms” — a track regarding her relationship with bandmate Mick Fleetwood that was later “tor[n] apart” by Buckingham.

Nicks also wrote one of Fleetwood Mac’s most popular hits, “Dreams,” about Buckingham. Decades after its release, the track holds over a billion streams on Spotify. 

Of course, Nicks eventually branched out as a solo artist, releasing “Edge of Seventeen” and performing Fleetwood Mac hits on tour. Music by Fleetwood Mac is available on most major streaming platforms.