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Now that we’ve all watched the Stranger Things 4 trailer multiple times, it’s time to start making ourselves miserable by asking what specific clips or scenes mean, even though we won’t have any answers until the last week in May. There’s plenty to dissect from the trailer so let’s get to it.

The 'Stranger Things 4' trailer shows a claw-like hand reaching out toward a blonde woman.
Is Chrissy about to meet her end? | Netflix

What did Lucas see that made him so scared in the ‘Stranger Things 4’ trailer?

Toward the end of the Stranger Things 4 trailer, audiences see quick flashes of different scenes from the upcoming season. One of the images shows Lucas inside what looks like the Creel House. Something above him must catch his attention, but when he looks up, he looks completely terrified. What did he see that was so scary? Did something happen to Max? Is one of the Demospiders we have our fingers crossed for crawling toward him? We only know that he’s horrified at what he sees.

Is that Chrissy behind Vecna’s hand?

In another shot, a creepy claw-like hand reaches out to a blonde woman’s face. The hand takes up most of the image, but we can see enough through its fingers to realize it’s a woman with blonde hair. Some people thought it might be Karen Wheeler, but that didn’t seem correct once fans looked closer. One of the new cast members in Stranger Things 4, Grace Van Dien, plays Chrissy, a popular Hawkins High School cheerleader. Most people think the hand belongs to Vecna and the face belongs to Chrissy. If that’s the case, this does not bode well for her.

Does the Russian prison have some sort of Gladiator setup happening in ‘Stranger Things 4?’

We know Hopper’s trapped in a Russian prison in Stranger Things 4. When we first saw him in the “From Russia, With Love” teaser, he seemed to blend in with the other prisoners. In the newest trailer, it looks like the people who run the prison spend their time torturing our favorite police chief. 

Several men stand in the middle of a prison yard in another clip, warily eyeing their surroundings. A Demogorgon then bounds through the snow, attacking one of them as the other men start fighting it off. Are the Russians holding some sort of Gladiator-like competition with the prisoners? If so, what’s their reasoning behind it? Is it strictly a form of torture, or are they testing out new versions of creatures from the Upside Down?


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Why is Max levitating in the ‘Stranger Things 4’ trailer?

Out of everything that fans saw in the Stranger Things 4 trailer, Max magically levitating off the ground in front of Billy’s gravestone might cause us to ask the most questions. Thanks to the Duffer Brothers and their trailer breakdown, we know this will be a “Max-heavy season.” She’s dealing with the grief over losing her brother, some of her friends moved across the country, and her town is being taken over by monsters from another dimension. The girl has a lot of concerns at the moment.

However, fans quickly noticed a tiny change in two scenes at Billy’s grave. When Max reads her letter out loud to Billy, the name on the headstone reads “Billy Hargrove.” Later in the trailer, when she levitates off the ground, the tombstone reads “William Hargrove.” 

We know we need more pieces to the puzzle before we attempt to answer any of these questions, but that’s ok. We only have a few short weeks before Stranger Things 4 Part 1 premieres on Netflix on May 27.