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When the long-awaited Stranger Things Season 4 finally premiered, it introduced viewers to several new characters. Among the fresh faces is Argyle, played by actor Eduardo Franco. His character is a laid-back California dude with a magnetic personality. He also has an incredibly long, luxurious mane. Is it the actor’s real hair?

Argyle’s role in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4

Stranger Things 4 Argyle actor Eduardo Franco long hair real
Eduardo Franco as Argyle (foreground) in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Episode 9 | Netflix

Argyle is Jonathan Byers’ best friend in California. He works as a pizza delivery guy for Surfer Boy Pizza. Argyle exhibits some slick driving skills for a stoner. He gets wrapped up in the drama as trouble follows Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and Joyce, Jonathan, and Will Byers (Winona Ryder, Charlie Heaton, and Noah Schnapp) to California.

With his characteristic long hair and a penchant for smoking weed, Argyle plays the quintessential ’80s pothead. He serves up comic relief in Stranger Things‘ most horrifying season, with his lighthearted energy a respite from the dark forces stalking the ragtag gang.

Beyond rocking his trademark long hair, Argyle fits his role as a hilarious tension-release valve. He makes the perfect stoner buddy for Jonathan.

Argyle actor Eduardo Franco’s long hair is real — and really long

Stranger Things 4 Argyle Eduardo Franco long hair
‘Stranger Things’ actors Jamie Campbell Bower (left), Eduardo Franco, and Joseph Quinn | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Many actors often wear prosthetics or wigs for roles. But Stranger Things actor Eduardo Franco didn’t need a hairpiece. Those are his natural locks.

The season 4 teaser trailer introduces viewers to this new character in the first few seconds. He drives the Surfer Boy Pizza van and appears to pick up Jonathan, Will, and Eleven for school.

Forget his hair — what’s even more interesting are his remarks: “Hold on to your butts, brochachos!”

You immediately realize he’s a chill dude. And Franco’s exceptionally long hair, which cascades to his waist, further conveys his devil-may-care attitude.

You can also spy Franco’s long tresses in his first movie, 2018’s The Package, where he plays Jeremy Abelar, with hair dangling far below his shoulders. His signature mane is also on display in subsequent movies, notably in 2019’s Booksmart, where he plays Theo, IMDb reports.

Franco’s aunt, who operated a hair salon in Mexico, used to cut his hair. So the Mexican-American actor, who was born in Arizona, occasionally traveled to Mexico to get his hair styled. But making the trip became too time-consuming.

“Coming back into the U.S.? It’s a f•••ing bitch,” he told Remezcla in 2019. “U.S. Customs, I don’t know what the f*** their problem is. You sometimes wait in line one or two hours.”

After that, he cut his hair only once, for a job at a movie theater when he was 16, Remezcla reports.

Eduardo Franco’s Instagram photos show him with long hair


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The Stranger Things cast member is indeed blessed with good hair, which he flaunts gracefully. His Instagram feed is full of photos of him with his trademark long locks. A glance at his pictures shows the actor has worn his hair in the same style since long before he appeared as Argyle in Stranger Things.

Eduardo Franco’s signature long hair left many fans wondering whether it’s real or a wig. The 27-year-old has had his hair styled the same way for many years. And in all of his many roles, you’ll see his naturally long dark-brown locks.