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Stranger Things 4 Episode 6, “The Dive,” continues with everyone’s journey in this epically long tale. We’re going over each location separately because “The Dive” has juicy bits from every plot. That doesn’t mean it’s chronologically. Clocking in at around 75 minutes, there’s a lot to recap, so let’s get started.

[WARNING: This article contains major spoilers from Stranger Things 4 Episode 6 “The Dive.”]

'Stranger Things 4' Episode 'The Dive' features Eddie, played by Joseph Quinn seen here holding a walkie talkie, asking Dustin and the rest of the group for help.
Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson in ‘The Dive’ | Cr. Courtesy of Netflix

Dr. Brenner tries to help Eleven regain more of her memory in ‘Stranger Things 4’ ‘The Dive’

When we meet up with Dr. Brenner (Matthew Modine) and Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) in Stranger Things 4 “The Dive,” Brenner compares her brain to that of a stroke victim. Like stroke victims can learn to walk again, he believes Eleven can regain her powers by “retraining” her brain to remember certain events. Eleven agrees to go into Nina and try once more to remember what happened in the lab in 1979. 

Next, we watch Eleven’s memories along with her. She tries to use her powers to place a puck in a specific slot (think Plinko from The Price is Right) but fails repeatedly. The friendly orderly, Peter Ballard, walks seemingly to offer his help. Instead, he tells her how she reminds him of someone he once knew. He places the puck in the slot with the number one written beneath it. 

Eleven tells him that “Papa” told her 001 doesn’t exist, but Peter reminds her, “Papa doesn’t always tell the truth. He prompts her to remember when her mom came to rescue her, but the guards dragged her away. She explains to Peter that Papa told her that her mother died while “making her.” However, she quickly remembers that Papa doesn’t always tell the truth.

Later in Stranger Things 4 “The Dive,” we watch Brenner force the kids in the lab to test their powers on one another. The winner gets one extra hour in the Rainbow Room. (Gee, thanks, Brenner. What a treat.) The number 002 takes all of the other kids out until Eleven’s turn. Eleven’s powers are strong, but she can’t control them. She easily throws him against the wall, much to his dismay. 

Eleven finds herself in the Rainbow Room alone before 002, along with some of his friends, cuts the power to the cameras, and attack Eleven. They leave her with the promise that they’ll kill her if she tells Dr. Brenner that they ambushed her. She looks in the mirror and suddenly sees her gown covered in blood and blood running from her eyes. Eleven wakes up from the memory in a panic and tearfully tells Dr. Brenner, “I killed them all.”

Meanwhile, in Hawkins…

In Stranger Things 4 “The Dive,” the Hawkins group deals with Jason and the jock’s witch hunt for Eddie, which sends him hiding out at Skull Rock. He gets Dustin and the rest of the gang to meet him. Dustin and Steve argue over the exact location of Skull Rock before Dustin figures out his compass malfunctioned due to a gate nearby. 

The compass leads the group closer to the water, where Steve, Nancy, Eddie, and Robin take a boat out onto the lake while Lucas, Max, and Dustin stay onshore. Just as Steve locates the gate underwater, the cops arrive. Max distracts the cops, Steve gets pulled underwater by vines from the Upside Down, and Nancy, Robin, and Eddie follow after him. Steve gets spit out in the Upside Down, and it’s not long before Demobats attack.


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‘Stranger Things 4’ ‘The Dive’ sidelines the Russian and Surfer Boy Pizza plots

The Surfer Boy Pizza gang gets very little to do in this episode. After Will’s almost-confession to Mike in the previous episode, the subject isn’t touched on again. Instead, the group heads to Susie’s house for her hacker skills. Once there, they meet Susie’s approximately 37 brothers and sisters, who run wild through the house like banshees. Susie cracks the code. Argyle falls in love with Susie’s sister, and the group heads out.

In Russia, Joyce and Murray sit outside their crashed plane and devise a plan. They force Yuri to take them to his weapons and peanut butter stash. The guards prepare a feast for Hopper, Dmitri, and the other captives. One of the other men believes it’s so they’ll be strong to fight the monster. Hopper breaks the bad news – they’re all about to be murdered by a Demogorgon. Once they leave the room with all the food, Hopper starts a fight with Dmitri. However, it’s all part of his plan. He knows the only way to beat the Demogorgon involves fire, and he managed to steal a lighter in the middle of the scuffle.

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