‘Stranger Things 4’ Features a Rift in ‘Our Favorite Bromance’ Says the Duffers

The closer we get to the Stranger Things 4 premiere, the more excited fans get to see their favorite characters like Eleven, Steve, and the rest of the crew return to their television screens. The marketing for season 4 has started to ramp up as well, including interviews with the cast and crew. While the show’s creators, Ross and Matt Duffer, typically keep most of the information about the plot close to their chest, they recently revealed some tidbits about the new season. 

'Stranger Things' fan favorites Steve and Dustin standing behind the counter at Scoops Ahoy in a production still from season 3
Steve and Dustin | Netflix

Steve and Dustin had clearly grown closer over the past few months when we caught up with everyone in Hawkins, Indiana, in Stranger Things 3. After their experience trying to catch Dart, the Demodog that Dustin unknowingly captured, Steve stepped into a big brother role with Dustin. The friendship is still going strong when Dustin gets home from Camp Knowhere in season 3. Dustin’s first stop after getting home was to visit Steve at Scoops Ahoy.

The duo grows even closer as they wander through the underground tunnels in Starcourt Mall with Robin and Erica. The group is crucial in helping Eleven and her friends defeat the Mind Flayer. 

Steve’s character arch has been one of the most satisfying plots in the story so far. He began as the popular bully in season 1 but, throughout the season, redeemed himself. Now, he’s solidly one of the fans’ favorite characters. However, Stranger Things 4 might throw in some tension with Steve and Dustin, our favorite duo.

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‘Stranger Things 4’ features a ‘wedge between our favorite bromance’

Recent interviews from the cast and crew of Stranger Things 4 give fans hints about the upcoming season, but the Duffer Brothers also talked about Steve and Dustin’s relationship. 

“Steve is really just focused at the beginning of the season on getting dates. He’s feeling a little, he’s very lonely, and he’s struggling to find that, but while he is focusing on that, Dustin, in order to find his place in high school, has really started to bond with the people in the Hellfire Club, specifically Eddie who runs it, who he starts to really look up to. And that puts a little bit of a wedge between our favorite bromance.”

– Matt Duffer via Collider

Stranger Things Seasons 1 and 2 highlighted Steve’s rocky relationship with girls. In season 2, Nancy’s guilt over Barb’s death drives the two apart, while season 3 shows Steve coming to grips with the fact that popularity outside of high school means nothing. He develops a crush on Robin, but she confesses that she’s a lesbian. 

‘Stranger Things 4’ tackles the real-life horrors of high school

In Stranger Things 4, Eleven and the gang finally make it to high school. Sure, the guys have handled monsters from parallel universes, but what about talking to the popular girl in high school? As the characters age, the Duffers manage to work in real-life horrors along with the supernatural ones. Season 4 looks to continue the trend as they navigate new schools, new towns, and how to handle the challenges of growing up. 

Stranger Things 4 Part 1 premieres on May 27, exclusively on Netflix.

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