‘Stranger Things’ 4: Joseph Quinn Explains Why Eddie Sacrificed Himself: ‘He’s Determined to Not Be This Scared Little Boy’

Unlike previous deceased characters, Eddie Munson’s hero story had a lasting impact on fans in Stranger Things 4. While fans did not receive his imminent death well, his sacrifice has meaning. Some believe Eddie’s death was unnecessarily tragic, but Joseph Quinn explains why Eddie decided to give up his life in Stranger Things 4 Volume 2.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Stranger Things 4. ]

Eddie is marked a murderer and dies an unsung hero in ‘Stranger Things’ 4

The nail-biting final two episodes of Stranger Things 4 resulted in the demise of a new beloved character. The clues were there from the get-go that the Duffer Brothers planned not to have Eddie survive the season. Multiple theories from his tattoos, his Metallica solo, and he would die all came true in one heart wrenching episode.

Eddie’s story begins when he gives his speech about society’s outlook on the “freaks” during the rage of the Satanic Panic era. Sadly, it leads Eddie to be marked as a killer when he helplessly watches Chrissy get murdered. In the finale of the season, Eddie and Dustin distract the Demobats. But the metalhead stops running and decides to fight them off.

In a moment of heroism to avenge Chrissy and save Dustin, Eddie is bit by multiple bats and dies in Dustin’s arms. Fans were upset and petitioned that Eddie’s death was in vain. Hawkins still believes he is a killer and is somewhat happy with his supposed death.

But Joseph Quinn appeals to fans by breaking down why Eddie went from scared metalhead to his own hero in Stranger Things 4.

Joseph Quinn says Eddie wanted to take control of his life in ‘Stranger Things’ 4

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In an interview with Netflix Tudum, Chrissy’s death is brought into the conversation. In the series, Eddie has no idea what is happening to Chrissy. While trying to wake her up, he watches her gruesome death and flees. “Chrissy Cunningham (Grace Van Dien) is cursed by Vecna and dies in front of a powerless Eddie, he feels ashamed,” explained Netflix.

Throughout the series, there is a common thread of Eddie not being a knight in shining armor. Before embarking on the Demobats plan, he tells Steve, “Look at us. We are not heroes.” But Quinn explains the sentiment of what it means to be a hero is part of Eddie’s story.

“I think that’s the motif that runs through his arc, really,” explains Quinn. “It’s about confronting one’s problems. It’s about redemption, about bravery. All of those seeds are planted in those earlier episodes, and they bear fruit later on.”

Many would agree that Eddie deciding to buy time with the Demobats was heroic enough. But his decision to stay and fight the Demobats is what Quinn explains, “At some point, there’s a shift that happens in his head, and he’s determined to not be this scared little boy and try to be proactive.”

Eddie’s Metallica story was a way to ease his guilt over Chrissy

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Before embarking on the most epic meta solo in the history of the Upside Down and Stranger Things, fans’ hearts skipped a beat. Eddie rips off his guitar pick necklace and dedicates the life-changing solo to Chrissy.

Quinn explains, “In that moment, if he’s able to avenge her, this is his way. So, I imagine there’s a catharsis there. And it’s just f***ing badass, isn’t it?” The actor explains Eddie “feels that sense of guilt” over not having helped her and staying. Maybe Eddie also had budding feelings for Chrissy.

But Quinn feels his character’s story was not in vain, as some fans believe. While he admits it hurts that Eddie never got to prove his innocence, the idea of Eddie leaving a legacy is still extraordinary to him. “It’s just such an extraordinary question to try and answer,” said Quinn. “There seems to be something in his story that is touching people — being falsely accused, redemption, I guess, is a motif in his story, self-sacrifice, friendship, camaraderie.”

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