‘Stranger Things 4’ Star Regina Ting Chen Talks About THAT Vecna Theory, the Magic of the ’80s, and More [Exclusive]

We’re mere hours away from Stranger Things 4 Volume 2, and this means we’re that much closer to getting at least some of the answers to our questions and theories. One of the most intriguing Stranger Things 4 theories involves Ms. Kelly working closely with Vecna. Lucky for us, the lovely Regina Ting Chen stopped by Showbiz Cheat Sheet to talk all about that theory, her time on the show, and the magic of the ’80s.

'Stranger Things 4' star Regina Ting Chen as Ms. Kelly wearing a green and white stropped shirt while wearing a clock pendant.
Regina Ting Chen as Ms. Kelly | Netflix

Regina Ting Chen said snagging the role of Ms. Kelly in ‘Stranger Things 4’ felt ‘unreal’

Chen joined the cast of Stranger Things 4 as Hawkins High School counselor, Ms.Kelly. Audiences watched as she tried to help Max (Sadie Sink) through her issues dealing with the grief over her stepbrother Billy’s (Dacre Montgomery) death. Later in Stranger Things 4 Volume 1, Max and her friends learn that the one connecting thread between Vecna’s victims is Ms. Kelly.

We asked Chen what it was like when she found out she won the role in Netflix’s most popular series. She told us, “It was it’s still very surreal for me because I was a big fan of the show prior to even auditioning for it. So then actually booking it and getting to be on the set and working with Sadie [Sink], who’s a gem of a human being, it still feels unreal. I remember when I got the news that I booked it.”

Chen said she learned about the news while driving to a friend’s house. “I was driving to a friend’s house and it was raining, and I legit forgot how to drive. I was just stunned and excited and also the feelings of ‘Me? Are you sure? I don’t know. I’m kind of janky,'” she said, laughing.

‘Stranger Things 4’ star Regina Ting Chen remained tight-lipped about the theory of Ms. Kelly working for Vecna

Stranger Things fans love to theorize about the future of the storylines in the show, and one of the more prominent theories to come out of Stranger Things 4 revolves around Ms. Kelly and Vecna. When Max visits Ms. Kelly at her house in Stranger Things 4, Ms. Kelly greets her while wearing a gold necklace. The pendant on the chain is a watch shaped like a key. With Vecna’s obsession with time, it seems like too big of a coincidence for Ms. Kelly to also wear a necklace in the shape of a clock. Combine that with the Monopoly hint and the connection between Vecna’s victims, and the clues keep adding up that Ms. Kelly might have much more nefarious designs on the kids in Hawkins.

Of course, we wanted to get Chen’s thoughts on theory, and we asked if she knew about it. Chen replied, “Even if I didn’t dig into it, everyone in my life is sending them [fan theories] to me. Honestly, I’m just finding out in real-time with the rest of the fans. It’s a mystery. And that’s really all I can say at this point.”


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The Netflix hit captures the ‘magic’ of the ’80s, according to Regina Ting Chen

Many Stranger Things fans love the setting of the 1980s and how well the Duffer Brothers capture the magic of that period. However, it can’t all be chalked up to nostalgia.

Chen raved about how well the Duffer craft the 1980s aesthetic, “There’s no mistake anywhere. Everything is just so carefully crafted to be as accurate as possible. And I think that’s part of why the show – and for many other reasons – is such a hit because it’s authentic, right? It’s honest. It’s relatable. Even for people who weren’t born in the eighties. Somehow there’s this magic.”

Thankfully, the magic returns on July 1, 2022, when Netflix drops Stranger Things 4 Volume 2.