‘Stranger Things’ 4 Volume 2 Continues to Pay Homage to Michael Myers – but in the Funniest Way Possible

The Duffer brothers promised Stranger Things 4 would not be easy to stomach as the series passes the threshold into absolute horror. Using the same horror movie villains that scared them as children, the Duffers paid homage to well-known icons like Freddy Krueger. In Stranger Things 4 Volume 2, there was another small tribute to the 1978 horror movie killer Michael Myers in a comical way with Eddie Munson.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Stranger Things 4 Volume 2. ]

Robert Englund joined ‘Stranger Things’ 4 as Victor Creel

Part of uncovering Vecna’s or Henry Creel’s story was revisiting his past and only surviving family member. In Stranger Things 4, Nancy and Robin visit Victor Creel, who many recall as an urban legend himself. Horror movie legend Robert Englund played the role. The actor became infamous for portraying Freddy Krueger in the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise.

“We really wanted to go scary and explore the types of villains that shook us the most when we were kids,” explained Matt Duffer to USA Today. The creators also used Hellraiser, Pinhead, and other horror movies when developing Vecna and casting Jamie Campbell Bower.

When Nancy and Robin talk to Victor, there is a small homage to Englund’s character of Freddy Kreuger. A simple but effective scene of Victor scratching his nails on the desk. But Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 continued paying tribute to horror movies with Michael Myers.

Eddie disguises himself with a ‘Halloween’ mask in ‘Stranger Things’ 4 Volume 2

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In the eighth episode of Stranger Things 4, Eddie is still wanted for murder and hunted by Jason and his crew. After returning from the Upside Down to Hawkins, they devise a plan to stop Vecna. Eddie suggests getting gear from a popular weapons store. They can take no-public roads to avoid suspicion. But the characters cannot bike there, and Eddie gives them a solution.

Eddie asks Max if she has a bandana or ski mask he can use to hide his face. While it may not be optimal, but is comical. In Stranger Things 4 Volume 2, Eddie appears from behind the trailer in a Michael Myers mask from the famous 1978 Halloween movie and the following movies.

The small detail is another homage to the horror movie franchise in Stranger Things 4. It is also a funny parallel as Eddie is wanted for the brutal murder of Chrissy, and Myers is one of the most infamous movie serial killers in history.

Michael Myers was referenced before in the series

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The use of Michael Myers’s mask in Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 is a fun tribute to horror movies, but fans have seen the mask before in the series. The reason why Max has the mask is that she wore it for Halloween in the second season. She appears in front of Dustin, Lucas, Will, and Mike dressed as the killer.

But in Stranger Things 4, Eddie’s uncle mentions Myers when Nancy questions him about Victor. “They locked [Creel] away in Pennhurst Asylum … as far as I know, he’s still there. That is, unless he broke out. Like that, what’s his name, the white mask who killed the babysitters?” he said.

With Eddie wearing the mask in the recent Easter Egg, a fan on Twitter commented, “EDDIE MUNSON IN MICHAEL MYERS MASK I CANT WITH THIS MAN HE TRULY IS THE LOVE OF MY LIFE.” Fans also noticed when Max runs through the graveyard while under Vecna’s control, there is Judith Myer’s broken tombstone.

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