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While the main characters take on their biggest threat, Vecna, Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 keeps fans guessing over Will’s feelings. Since the first season, fans have speculated about Will’s sexuality and whether or not he harbored feelings for Mike. Fans believed the finale two episodes would finally reveal the truth but did it?

Fans were led to believe Will could be in love with Mike in ‘Stranger Things’

Since the first season, there were clues about Will’s sexuality based on comments made by Joyce and other characters. The main takeaway was when in the third episode of Stranger Things 3, Mike and Will get into a heated argument about Eleven. Mike comments about Will not liking girls. The connotations of the moment are then never fleshed out or explored.

In Stranger Things 4, fans got a bigger feeling that Will’s hidden feelings for Mike were in jeopardy. Will is excited to see him over spring break but becomes disheartened when he focuses only on Eleven. Fans also wondered what the painting that Will made for Mike was.

The second half of Stranger Things 4 further eggs on the speculations of Will’s feelings for Mike. But takes a dramatic turn that could change everything in the fifth season.

Will shows Mike the painting ‘Stranger Things’ 4 Volume 2

As the California crew looks to find Eleven in what they dubbed the “Nina Project,” Mike and Will have another heart-to-heart. Mike starts to worry that Eleven no longer needs him. He fears finding her in the woods was “dumb luck” and not destiny. Will understands that Mike is afraid of losing her and gives him the painting.

The painting shows them dressed as knights fighting off a three-headed dragon. Will says Eleven gave him the idea and that Mike is the heart of the group and the nuclear to all of them. For Mike’s painted character, he has a red heart in the center of his armor.

But the real kicker is that Jonathan looks through the mirror at them, almost shocked or worried. Could it be that he knows Will is lying about Eleven giving him the idea? And instead, the red heart signifies how Will sees Mike? Will’s speech to Mike in Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 furthers the possibility of Will hiding who he really is.

He explains to Mike that Eleven is different, and when someone is different, they feel like a “mistake.” Will explains that Mike helped her realize different is okay. But it seemed like she was pulling away, she wanted it to be like “ripping off a bandaid,” knowing the risk of possibly losing Mike. Fans soon realize Will is not talking about Eleven but himself as he turns to the window and muffles his sobs.

Mike tells Eleven he loves her in the finale

Based on the trailer for the fourth season’s second half, fans speculated that Will confesses his sexuality and feelings to Jonathan. But this does not occur as fans had hoped. Mike, Argyle, Will, and Jonathan rescue Eleven and help her save Max, despite not being in Hawkins.

As they go to a Surfer Boy Pizza location to get Eleven ready, Jonathan has a moment with his brother. He reminisces when Will was younger and says Will no longer confides in him. Jonathan says he will always be there for him, “No matter what, because you’re my brother. And I love you.” He also reassures Will that nothing in the world will change that.

Fans can speculate that Jonathan is talking about how Will feels toward Mike and his sexuality, but he does not explicitly confirm it. Later in the finale episode of Stranger things 4 Volume 2, Eleven is in danger as she saves Max.

Will tells Mike he is the one who can save her and give her strength. In return, Mike finally tells Eleven he loves her. By the end of Stranger things 4 Volume 2, Will does not confess his feelings or confirm any theory fans have about his sexuality.

Stranger things 4 Volume 2 is available on Netflix.


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