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Fans desperately want Eddie Munson to return for Stranger Things Season 5. While the Duffer Brothers confirm the metalhead is dead after his hero arc, fans have other theories. In the Netflix series, fans realized Eddie’s tattoos hint at his final storyline. The reveal of one of Eddie’s chest tattoos could correlate to the popular D&D theory of Kas, the vampire for Stranger Things Season 5.

Eddie Munson, who could return as Kas in 'Stranger Things' 5, wearing a leather jacket and looking at Dustin.
Eddie Munson looking at Dustin in ‘Stranger Things’ 4 Volume 2 | via Netflix

Fans speculate Eddie could return as the D&D character Kas in ‘Stranger Things’ 5

Eddie’s death may be concrete, but fans are not letting go of the character. Despite news from the creators that Eddie’s story is over, fans have an enticing theory. The game Dungeons & Dragons has been a running theme throughout the series. The new villain, Vecna, is based on the D&D character.

But fans have one leading theory of how Eddie could return for the fifth season. TikTok user Jadenbricker proposes a theory based on D&D lore. Vecna could be the source of Eddie’s return as the D&D character, “Kas the Bloody Handed.”

The character is Vecna’s right-hand henchman and vampire. He aids the villain until a voice whispers for Kas to betray his master with a sword. Fans speculate the theory is plausible as they never know what happens to Eddie’s body after his death in the Upside Down. Eddie was also bitten by multiple Demobats that could lead to a vampire transformation.

Eddie’s unseen chest tattoo is revealed to be a bloody demon

When it comes to previous character deaths, they were not foreshadowed as heavily as Eddie’s. The character’s multiple tattoos were hints all along. Not only does Eddie has bat tattoos on his forearm, but a monster puppet tattoo. The bat tattoo hinted at his death by the Demobats, while the puppet alluded to Metallica’s “Master of Puppets.”

But there is one tattoo that fans never got to see. In the first episodes of Stranger Things 4, Eddie is in the woods with Chrissy. He lets her peak at one of his chest tattoos but never fully shows it.

Stranger Things makeup artist Amy L Forsythe posted a complete mockup of Eddie’s tattoo on Instagram. The tattoo on Eddie’s chest further fuels the Kas theory for Stranger Things Season 5.

The tattoo is of “The Demon,” a grotesque floating head with long flowing hair. The character looks like the living dead or even a resurrected entity. The tattoo also has blood seeping from its mouth. Could the tattoo allude to Eddie returning as Kas, the vampire?

Eddie also has a spider tattoo in ‘Stranger Things’ 4


‘Stranger Things’ Season 5: Fan Theory Suggests Vecna Could Be Behind Eddie’s Possible Return

Amy L Forsythe also revealed another one of Eddie’s tattoos that happens to be next to “The Demon.” The tattoo sketch is “The Spider.” It might be more than a coincidence that both tattoos are next to each other.

Fans know Henry Creel was obsessed with black widow spiders after finding a nest in the new home. Finding the spiders gave Henry a new sense of purpose that led to his arc as the future Vecna. If the Kas theory is true about Eddie Munson in Stranger Things 5, are the two tattoos a hint?

With the spider tattoo possibly signifying Vecna and “The Demon” tattoo hinting at an undead character, the Kas theory is more concrete. It could allude to Eddie returning from the dead as Kas the vampire and becoming Vecna’s henchman.