‘Stranger Things’ Caleb McLaughlin Could Be Marvel’s First Live-Action Miles Morales

Miles Morales has seen a massive boost in popularity after the wildly successful animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse and the large part that the character played in the Spider-Man video game. Now, fans and casual watchers alike are clamoring for a live-action version of the wildly popular character. One name that has popped up in speculation about a live-action take on the character is Caleb McLaughlin. 

Caleb McLaughlin smiling on a blue carpet
Caleb McLaughlin | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Who is Miles Morales? 

Miles Morales made his debut in 2011 after meeting Peter Parker as he walked through different universes. As Marvel tried to diversify its slate of characters, Morales was a big success. Half-black and half-Latino, Morales brought back the youthful glory of a young Peter Parker while giving him a distinct, more modern flavor. 

Around this same time, actor, comedian, rapper, and television writer Donald Glover began to lobby for the role in a live-action Spider-Man movie publicly, according to LA Times. #Donald4Spiderman became a trending topic, but despite the outpouring of support, the role in the eventual reboot went to Andrew Garfield. That franchise didn’t last past two movies. 

However, as the MCU became more popular and Spider-Man brought his spandex to the wildly popular franchise, many began to wonder if there was a place for Miles in the universe. In his inaugural film, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man even meets Morales’s uncle, who is played by Glover as a nod to the prior movement. While Glover got to voice the role of Miles on television, a live-action version had to wait. 

Following the success of Into the Spiderverse, however, Miles was a household name. Add to that the fact that he plays a significant role in the hit Spider-Man video game, and fans began to clamor for a chance to see the character on the big screen as a real-life person. Could they soon get their wish with Caleb McLaughlin? 

Who is Caleb McLaughlin? 

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McLaughlin is just 18 years of age, but his resume is already impressive. After small roles in several television shows and movies, McLaughlin’s biggest break came in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things. The show, which is inspired by the 1980s pop culture to match the show’s setting, explores paranormal phenomena through the eyes of a group of kids. After the show’s success, however, its stars began to get bigger roles. 

McLaughlin landed a role as Ricky Bell in The New Edition Story, a biopic about the titular band, according to IMDb. Elsewhere, he got prominent roles in films like High Flying Bird, a Steven Soderbergh-directed film about the behind-the-scenes world of basketball during a lockout. Despite all of this success, however, McLaughlin is yet to get a marquee role. However, if fans got their way, Morales could be the role that sets him up for greater stardom. 

Is Miles set for the MCU?

In a recent ScreenRant article speculating about which stars could make their way into the MCU, McLaughlin’s name came up as a possible candidate for Miles Morales. He is the right age for the role, and as the MCU looks for younger superheroes to bring in the new generation, he could prove to be the perfect sidekick to Holland’s Peter Parker. 

Morales already exists in the MCU, albeit indirectly. Glover’s Aaron Davis references his nephew in the first Spider-Man film, according to Slash Film. However, with Thanos’s snap, Miles could theoretically be a similar age as Parker, whose aging was stalled by his disappearance in Infinity War. With all of this setup already in place, it appears that Marvel wants to add Miles eventually. 

However, with Sony owning two of its own Spider-Man inspired universes and Miles headlining one of them, it could be a while until Marvel brings Miles into the mix. If they do, however, McLaughlin has the chops and the star power to make it work. Now, he just needs a script and an offer to make it real.