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When Stranger Things began, fans were introduced to Eleven, a test subject with supernatural abilities. The series slowly revealed that there are other children like Eleven who have similar skills. Some possess the same talents, while others have gifts that Eleven does not. Here’s every important supernatural ability that has been displayed in the series so far.

Eleven was a test subject at Hawkins Lab in Stranger Things. Eleven extends her hand outside her school in season 4.
Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven in ‘Stranger Things’ | Netflix

Telekinesis is one of the most common abilities in the ‘Stranger Things’ test subjects

Telekinesis is perhaps the most common ability. All the Hawkins Lab test subjects in Stranger Things appear to be able to move things with their minds in some form or other. In season 4, Dr. Brenner pits the kids against each other in a contest to see who can push the other out of a ring with their minds. Eleven’s telekinesis appears to be the most powerful. She defeats Two during this contest and is even able to overpower One while banishing him to the Upside Down.

Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) is displayed throughout the series

Extra sensory perception or ESP is a pretty broad term, but it seems that most supernatural children have some form of this ability. It essentially refers to the children’s ability to gather information with their minds rather than physical senses.

Throughout Stranger Things, Eleven is able to use her powers to see what is happening somewhere (including the Upsides Down) without being physically present (remote viewing). In a flashback in season 4, Ten demonstrates the same skill when he senses the Massacre in Hawkins Lab while working with Dr. Brenner in a separate room.

On some occasions, Eleven has been able to communicate telepathically while using her remote viewing skills. Vecna appears to have a more advanced version of this skill. He is able to see into the minds of others and learn information about their past. This aids him in creating terrifying hallucinations of past trauma to terrorize his victims before their death.

A test subject named Kali introduces her ability to create illusions in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2

Stranger Things Season 2 introduced Eleven’s “sister” Kali (also known as Eight) who was a test subject with her in the Rainbow Room. Kali has gifts that are different than the ones possessed by Eleven. She states, “I can make people see or not see whatever I choose.”

She is able to manipulate people’s minds to see things that aren’t really there. For example, Kali shows Eleven a hallucination of a colorful butterfly. She also uses this skill to simulate an explosion so her group can get away from the police. In season 4, Vecna also demonstrates the ability to create illusions, such as those that plague his victims 24 hours before their death.


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One and Eleven can open gates to the Upside Down

Both Eleven and Vecna have demonstrated the ability to open portals or “gates” to the Upside Down. Eleven first creates a portal when she banishes Vecna at only nine years old. Years later, Vecna begins creating gates to the Upside Down at each location where he claims a victim’s life.

Vecna possesses the power of regenerative healing

This is a skill that Vecna seems to have developed while living in the Upside Down. He is able to recover moments after Max slashes him while she escapes. He is also apparently immune to the toxic environment of the Upside Down, which negatively affects most humans.

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