‘Stranger Things’ Season 4: The Go-Go’s Will Play Live in the Upside Down After ‘Crazy Accident’ [Exclusive]

To celebrate Netflix’s Stranger Things Season 4, iconic new wave band The Go-Go’s are taking fans back to 1986 for a virtual concert, played in the creepy confines of the alternate parallel dimension of the Upside Down.

Joining The Go-Go’s are ’80s rockers Corey Hart and Soft Cell, who also find themselves trapped in the Upside Down. The first-ever “Live From The Upside Down” virtual concert will be held on June 23.

“We were on our way to Hawkins to do a Doritos festival, which, by the way, was not the first Doritos festival we’ve done. We did more than one,” guitarist Jane Wiedlin told Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

“And we had this really crazy accident!” she exclaimed. “And that’s how we ended up in the Upside Down. We ended up stuck there. And then we’re like, OK we may as well do the concert. So we did. And it was super scary because we were getting attacked by creatures, but also it was fun because we got to do what we love, which was play live.”

The bands plan to rock out in the Upside Down

Fans will have to (virtually) join the bands in the Upside Down and the only way in is through the Doritos portal. “Doritos will be the only way into the concert, so fans can pick up a bag of Doritos or Doritos 3D Crunch featuring the limited-time Stranger Things packaging while they’re on store shelves or visit Doritos.com/StrangerThings to reserve their ticket,” according to a release.

The Go Go's band poses in front of instruments inside the 'Stranger Things' the Upside Down stage
The Go-Go’s | Photo courtesy of Doritos

Also joining the trailblazing ’80s bands is Charli XCX, who is planning a surprise collab. “It’s one thing to be able to share my music with my fans but having the opportunity to perform alongside some of the most iconic bands and singers is truly something out of this world,” Charli XCX said. “Doritos is doing something really cool by giving Stranger Things fans a new way to celebrate their favorite show with ‘Live From The Upside Down.’ I can’t wait for everyone to join us for this concert!”

“There’s going to be tickets to the concert on every Doritos bag. So if you click [on the link] you’ll get to watch the virtual concert, which we really hope everybody watches,” Wiedlin said. “And then the most exciting thing, there’s going to be some golden tickets inside the bag. And if you get one of those, you get a super cool guitar. So that would be awesome to win this.”

How did The Go-Go’s react to the Netflix series?

The Go-Go’s were actively performing and touring during the era when Stranger Things Season 4 takes place. The band loves the authenticity of the series and how it truly captured the essence of the ’80s. “They did a great job,” keyboardist Charlotte Caffey said. “And it’s really fun and it adds that extra element.”

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“I liked how it’s the ’80s but it could also be any time,” Wiedlin pointed out. “It feels modern to me too. Every time that Eleven wore overalls I was like, ‘Oh I remember overalls.'”

Drummer Gina Schock added, “I still wear them! What do you mean? Everything in that show I still wear [laughs].”

“Gina doesn’t throw anything out,” Wiedlin added.

The Go-Go’s led many fashion trends during the era and singer Belinda Carlisle said they simply put together clothes they could afford at the time. “Back in the early days, we couldn’t afford clothes, really. So all of our stuff was from thrift shops,” she said. “So we could look really cool on a $2 outfit from head to toe. And, we just went with what we like. We each have a different look in the band. It’s what our taste is. It was never, we had to dress a certain way. So we just always got what we liked and what we could afford.”

Stranger Things does an amazing job of capturing the music from the era and – of course – a Go-Go’s song was featured in season 3. “Get Up & Go” was the tune producers chose from The Go-Go’s vast library.

The band didn’t have any input when it came to which song was featured but loved the fact that they were represented. “Any time you can get a song on a really great show, it’s super thrilling,” Wiedlin said. “And I always was honored that we were played in the same show as The Clash. So that was really cool. Because they played, ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go.'”

Now fans can enjoy an immersive experience with Stranger Things and The Go-Go’s. Stranger Things Season 4 premiers on Netflix on May 27, 2022.

Scan a bag. Open the portal. Enjoy the show.

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