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Stranger Things Season 4 answered a lot of questions about Eleven and the Upside Down, but there are still plenty of questions that need answers. The origin story of the Upside Down remains somewhat vague, although it’s becoming clearer how the gates between this world and Hawkins are created. Millie Bobby Brown does not personally believe that Eleven created the Upside Down. Rather she thinks her character was the first bridge between the two worlds.

Eleven opening the Upside Down in Stranger Things. Nine-year-old Eleven has blood on her hospital gown and streaked under her eyes.
Milie Bobby Brown as Eleven in ‘Stranger Things’ | Netflix

‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 revealed how the gate to the Upside Down was created

Stranger Things Season 4 revealed that Eleven was the first being to create a gate between the Upside Down and the real world. In 1979, a nine-year-old Eleven battled One and managed to banish him into the Upside Down, where he became Vecna. This gate appears to have been temporary, closing moments after the battle ended. This left Vecna stranded in the Upside Down for seven years.

Four years later in 1983, Eleven escaped Hawkins Lab when she accidentally created a gate between the human world and the Upside Down, allowing the Demogorgon to step through. Subsequent gates have been opened, such as the one the Russians created underneath Starcourt Mall in season 3. Vecna is also able to create gates with each victim he kills in Stranger Things Season 4.

Millie Bobby Brown doesn’t think Eleven made the Upside Down

Fans now know how the Upside Down and the real world were first connected. However, the Upside Down’s creation is still a mystery. During an interview with Variety, Millie Bobby Brown was asked if she believes Eleven created the Upside Down.

“This is too big of a debate for me to answer. I’m so worried. I think — no, no, no. I think that the alternate universe was always there,” the actor answered. “That is always going to be under Hawkins. I just think she has access to it. I don’t think that she created the Upside Down. No, I think that it was always there, I think she just created a gate to it which no one could before.”

The Duffer Brothers created a 30-page document about the Upside Down

When the first season of Stranger Things ended, very little was certain about the Upside Down. The Duffer Brothers have purposefully kept this world mysterious, slowly revealing bits and pieces. Still, that doesn’t mean the creators of the show haven’t thought it through.


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“Even with the Upside Down, we have a 30-page document that is pretty intricate in terms of what it all means, and where this monster actually came from, and why aren’t there more monsters — we have all this stuff that we just didn’t have time for, or we didn’t feel like we needed to get into in season one, because of the main tension of Will,” Ross said of season 1 in a 2016 interview with Variety.

It seems that as the show goes on, more and more of that 30-page document is being revealed. Still, the original story of how the Upside Down was created remains a mystery.

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