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Max Mayfield starts off Stranger Things Season 4 in an incredibly dark place. She is isolating herself from her friends following the death of her step-brother Billy. Max is then targeted and nearly killed by Vecna. Meanwhile, Eleven isn’t having a great time in California either. In fact, she is severely bullied at her new high school. Eleven and Max previously bonded in Stranger Things Season 3, and Sadie Sink thinks the pair could have benefited from each other’s friendship in season 4.

Sadie Sink as Max and Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven in Stranger Things Season 3. Max and Eleven stand outside Starcourt Mall.
Sadie Sink as Max and Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven in ‘Stranger Things’ | Netflix

Max and Eleven became friends in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3

Max and Eleven got off to a rough start in Stranger Things. Eleven was clearly jealous of Max when they first met in season 2. However, by season 3 the pair start bonding. Max takes Eleven to the mall and the duo form a genuine friendship. Unfortunately, the group is split up when Eleven moves with the Byers to California at the end of season 3. Max stays behind in Hawkins, Indiana.

“I think what was so wonderful about Max and Eleven’s relationship from Season 3 is that Eleven is obviously unlike most girls that you see,” Sadie Sink said while speaking with Variety. “Max is also unlike lot of girls that you see, so they kind of found each other and they just worked really well together. I like to think it was one of the first female friendships that Max has ever really had.”

Sadie Sink thinks Max could have benefited from Eleven’s friendship in season 4

In California, Eleven becomes the target of a cruel bully named Angela. Meanwhile, Max cuts herself off from Lucas and the rest of her friends in the aftermath of Billy’s death. She once again becomes an outcast and she and her mother move to an awful trailer park.

To make matters worse, Max’s only female friend, Eleven, is now living far away in California. “Max could have benefited from having someone like Eleven, who she probably would have felt comfortable opening up to,” Sink said of her character in season 4 to Variety.

“Eleven probably would have benefited from having Max while she’s navigating this new environment and bullies in her world. Having someone like that to push her through it would have helped. They both could have helped each other a lot.” Max and Eleven don’t have a single scene together in Stranger Things Season 4. As of now, it’s not clear if the Byers and Eleven will return to Hawkins for the final season.


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Will fans ever learn the contents of Max’s letters?

In Stranger Things Season 4, Max was targeted by Vecna. Luckily her friends were able to save her life with the help of some Kate Bush music. Before she was rescued, Max wrote letters to her loved ones in case “things don’t work out.” While speaking with Variety, Sink admitted that she doesn’t know what the letter said, but she’d love to find out.

“In my own downtime and daydreaming, I have an idea of what she probably will want to say to each specific person. I don’t know anything about what the plans are for Season 5, but I’m dying to know what’s in there,” the actor stated. “I want to have a scene where the letters are read.”

All episodes of Stranger Things are currently streaming on Netflix.