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Stranger Things Season 4 hasn’t given fans a lot of answers despite all four teaser trailers being released. Fans also got the list of episode titles on Stranger Things Day, but it seems like now we have even more questions about the upcoming season. The episode titles always create a stir (because what fun would it be if they just told us what happened in each episode?), but the upcoming season’s titles seem even more ambiguous than in the past. 

However, it’s some moments in the Stranger Things Season 4 “Welcome to California” teaser trailer that have fans wondering. Here are seven images we’re wondering about after watching all four teaser trailers.

Logo from 'Stranger Things' Season 4 California teaser
‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 | Netflix

This door in the latest’ Stranger Things’ Season 4 teaser

A door in the middle of the desert in 'Stranger Things' Season 4 California teaser
This door… | Netflix

It’s a door … in the middle of a desert. It seemingly leads nowhere, but we’re guessing it gives folks access to an underground bunker. What’s in that bunker? Is Eleven in the bunker? Dr. Brenner?

This leg and stylish shoe

Leg of a mysterious woman exiting a car in the 'Stranger Things' Season 4 California teaser
This mysterious leg … | Netflix

There’s plenty of chaotic moments fans have seen glimpses of in all of the teasers so far. The scene where Eleven is being held back by what looks like two government agents comes to mind. The background looks similar to what we saw in this scene, where a mysterious new person steps out of the car. Is it Terry Ives’ leg in that shoe? Has Aunt Becky been working with the government this entire time? Did Joyce get a new wardrobe along with her new house?

This unknown person standing in front of an explosion

Mystery person standing in front of an explosion in Stranger Things Season 4 California teaser
This mystery person … | Netflix

It looks like there’s a lot of explosions headed our way according to the Stranger Things Season 4 “California” teaser, but who does this silhouette belong to? Some fans are guessing it’s Eleven, but if so, was her head shaved again? Is the person too tall to be Eleven? Could it be Will? We don’t know, but we need answers.

This person standing in front of a burning car

Mystery person standing in front of a burning car from the 'Stranger Things' Season 4 sneak peek
THIS mystery person … | Netflix

First of all, whoever this person is seems awfully calm to be standing in front of a burning car. Were they just involved in a car accident? If so, are there other people inside the vehicle burning to death? It seems rude not to at least pretend to help.

This doll that gives us Russian vibes

A Russian doll seen in the Stranger Things Season 4 California teaser trailer
This Russian doll … | Netflix

It’s not a Russian nesting doll, but it definitely looks like it came from Russia. Is Hopper trying to send Joyce a message in this scene from the Stranger Things Season 4 “California” teaser? How did he get her new address? What are the phone call rules in a Russian gulag? 

This shot of Steve Harrington 

Steve Harrington in an underwater scene from 'Stranger Things' Season 4
Why is Steve underwater? | Netflix

We now know there’s an episode titled “The Dive.” (Or at least we think we do. A former writer tweeted out that the episode titles were “mostly wrong.”) Is Steve Harrington diving underwater in this sneak peek? If he is, what is he looking for in this scene? The only body of water we know of in Hawkins, Indiana, is by the rock quarry. 

This image of military vehicles and a helicopter

Military vehicles and a helicopter from the Stranger Things Season 4 California teaser
These military vehicles and helicopter … | Netflix

Stranger Things Season 4: Who or What is Vecna?

Sure, Joyce thought moving Will, Jonathan, and Eleven to California would get them out of harms’ way. We can’t blame her for trying. Now, it looks like trouble has just followed them to California. Are these cars in the Stranger Things Season 4 “California” teaser connected to the door in the middle of nowhere? (They have to be, right?)

‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 is still months away

As much as we all want answers to these questions right away, we’ve got months ahead of us to wait. Stranger Things Season 4 premieres in the summer of 2022. In the meantime, we’ll continue to dissect every possible detail in the latest teaser. What do they expect fans to do? Be patient?