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Thanks to the fourth teaser trailer for Stranger Things Season 4, fans got a whole new look at the things happening with the Byers family. While many fans suspected the Byers moved to California, it wasn’t officially confirmed until Stranger Things Day on Nov. 6, 2021. Now the cat is out of the bag. It’s time to dive into some of the details we noticed in the “Welcome to California” teaser, including the two new bullies, Jake and Angela.

Logan Allen, in a pink button down with sunglasses on his head, and Elodie Orkin, in a pink shirt, as Jake and Angela in a scene from 'Stranger Things' Season 4.
Jake (Logan Allen) and Angela (Elodie Orkin) in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4. | Netflix

Angela and Jake are two new characters based in California in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4

According to Eleven, when we catch up with the Byers in the “Welcome to California” trailer, things are going great. However, audiences get a different version than the one she’s narrating to Mike in her letter. At first, she talks about how she’s made several new friends and is starting to adapt to life in California. However, viewers see the girls in the hall shun her, and two kids in her class shoot a paper wad on her face.

The boy and the girl in her class are characters named Angela and Jake. They weren’t introduced with the rest of the new characters earlier this year. This is the first glance audiences have gotten of the two California bullies, but it looks like neither of them are making life easy for Will and Eleven in Lenora Hills.

Elodie Orkin and Logan Allen are the actors portraying Angela and Jake

Folks have seen Logan Allen before in another Netflix series – Sweet Magnolia. He played the character Kyle, but it looks like the young actor is adding to his acting credits with Stranger Things Season 4. However, this won’t be his first foray into horror. Allen had a role in an episode of the revamped Creepshow series on Shudder.

According to her IMDb page, Elodie Orkin has fewer acting credits to her name, but she also played a character named Kyle in another series. Orkin starred in six episodes of the television series Stage Fright.


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There are rumors that Eleven and Angela get in a physical fight in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4

Stranger Things fans are used to scouring the internet for any possible information. This is especially true about the upcoming season. The Hawkins AV Club subreddit has been pretty reliable when it comes to potential spoilers. Plus, some users over there have been discussing Angela’s role in bullying Eleven.

This Redditor wrote, “El will get arrested after beating up Angela and she gets taken to the police station. However, she only stays there for a night before Jonathan, Will, and Mike rescue her. And right after Brenner or his men will take her back to the lab. shave her head.”

While there’s no confirmation this is actually something that happens, it’s something to consider. 

The excitement for Stranger Things Season 4 has been exceptionally high lately with all the exclusive news we received on Stranger Things Day. However, some fans were disappointed to learn that we still have several months to wait for season 4. In the meantime, it looks like everyone will just have to satisfy their Stranger Things cravings by rewatching seasons 1-3 that are currently available on Netflix.