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Horror fans must be excited with the latest addition to the cast of Stranger Things Season 4. Robert Englund, best known for his portrayal of horror icon Freddy Krueger has been cast as new character, Victor Creel.

Not much new information is known about Victor, but fans have already begun to speculate. Here’s what we know.

Robert Englund will play Victor Creel in 'Stranger Things' Season 4.
Robert Englund | Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

Who is Victor Creel?

The official Stranger Things Twitter account recently announced a whole slew of new characters. These ranged from Vickie, a band nerd, to Chrissy, the most popular girl in school, to Ms. Kelly, a favorite guidance counselor at the local high school. 

Another new character listed is Victor Creel. According to @Stranger_Things, Robert Englund plays “Victor Creel is a disturbed and intimidating man who is imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital for a gruesome murder in the 1950s,” according to @Stranger_Things.

Apparently, Victor is blind from gouging out his eyes at some point in his life. Englund himself spilled this information in an interview with Lataevia-Ceianna on her Youtube channel.

While we don’t know much more than that, fans spent no time getting to work thinking up the possibilities for Victor’s role in Stranger Things Season 4.

Fans speculate on Robert Englund’s role in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4

In the newest teaser trailer dropped on Aug. 6, viewers get a glimpse of a boarded-up Victorian-style house. Some fans believe Victor Creel owned the house before he was committed to a psychiatric hospital. 

Fans have speculated that Creel is potentially innocent and wasn’t the one behind the murder. Instead, some believe that monsters from the Upside Down were responsible for the murder. Suppose someone started ranting about monsters from another dimension, killing people in a small town in the ’50s. In that case, it stands to reason authorities would use this as a reason to have someone committed to a psychiatric ward.

As one Redditor says, “What if Victor Creel is innocent of the gruesome murders, and the victims were actually victims of the Upside Down monsters? And he was labeled clinically insane for claiming there are monsters from another dimension?”


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Could Creel have a portal to the Upside Down in his house?

One of the more significant focuses in the teasers for Stranger Things Season 4 is all of the clock imagery. In one scene, that’s about half of a beat longer than the rest, viewers see a grandfather clock striking twelve in what appears to be a boarded-up attic. Some fans assume this attic is in the old Victorian house, which possibly belonged to Victor Creel at one point. If the theory about Creel being innocent of the murder proves to be accurate, one would have to wonder how the monsters of the Upside Down got access to inside the house. That’s where the grandfather clock comes in.

Some fans think the grandfather clock might imply time travel in season 4, but others believe the clock will serve as a door or portal to the Upside Down. Unfortunately, this could provide a way for monsters to make their way in and out of a house in Hawkins, but it also could literally open a door for Hopper to get back to the States.

Right now, all we can do is wait for Stranger Things Season 4 to premiere in 2022. In the meantime, feel free to spend all your time rewatching the first three seasons on Netflix.