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Millie Bobby Brown takes the cake regarding social media influence in the cast of Stranger Things, which shows in her net worth. She makes an exponential amount of money for each episode of the hit Netflix show. But she also stands to make more than the average yearly income in America for just one sponsored Instagram post.

How much could Brown, 18, potentially bring home for her sponsored Instagram shares, how does that number compare to the average American income yearly, and what other work does she do to earn her millions? Read on to learn more.

Millie Bobby Brown, shown throwing her hands up at the 'Stranger Things' season 4 premiere, makes more than most yearly incomes per Instagram post
Millie Bobby Brown | Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

How much is the average American income for a year?

Before we discuss Brown’s rapidly increasing earning potential, let’s start with how much everyday Americans make for a year of work. As reported by USA Today, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data from 2021 showed the average income was just over $51,000 yearly in the United States.

Furthermore, using information and polls from Pew Research, USA Today reported that a middle-class median income is between around $50,000 and $135,000 yearly. It’s important to note that those numbers are usually measured based on household, which could mean more than one person working.

How much can Millie Bobby Brown make for a single sponsored Instagram post?

According to expert commentary from AskGamblers, Brown earns up to $174,058 for each sponsored Instagram post. The payout is massive compared to the average income in America and her Stranger Things co-stars. To illustrate, Finn Wolfhard is the next highest earner at up to $77,613 per sponsored post on the platform.

The worth of their influence is based on their total followers, and Brown has more than 52 million. Notably, Wolfhard has the next highest following with over 23 million.

But Brown’s Instagram account also has more engagement than most, making her a prime target for lucrative sponsorship deals. Similarly, Noah Schnapp has a high engagement rate with 23 million followers, earning him up to $76,000 per sponsored post.

How much does Millie Bobby Brown make for an episode of ‘Stranger Things’ and what else does she do to earn her millions?


‘Stranger Things’ Season 4: Millie Bobby Brown’s Favorite Scene Features Eleven Telling Mike, ‘He Isn’t Loving Her the Way She Wants to Be Loved’

As Stranger Things just wrapped up its fourth season, fans seem to be as loyal to the show as ever. And Brown’s payout per episode has gone up by the season. Brown earned $10,000 per episode for the first season, which reportedly increased to an impressive $350,000 per episode for season three (per Seventeen.)

Brown took part in other high-earning projects besides Stranger Things and Instagram content, too. She starred in Godzilla King of Monsters and the sequel, Godzilla v. Kong. She also earned a reported $6.1 million to star in and help produce Enola Holmes for Netflix and another $7.5 million for the upcoming sequel.

On top of it all, Brown has also done some modeling for brands like Calvin Klein and Converse. And she started a clean beauty brand called Florence by Mills.