‘Succession’ Cast Member Jeremy Strong Won an Emmy for the HBO Show: What’s Next for the Actor?

Succession won arguably the most-coveted Emmy Award in Sept. 2020: Best Drama Series. Jeremy Strong, who plays Kendall Roy on the TV show, also got to celebrate winning one of the ceremony’s top acting prizes. What is the Emmy-winning Succession actor doing next?

What has ‘Succession’ star Jeremy Strong been up to since season 2 finished filming?

Succession Season 2
Jeremy Strong on Succession Season 2 | Graeme Hunter/HBO

As The Wrap recently reported, Strong takes his craft incredibly seriously.

“Even as an adolescent, Strong’s aim was the theater,” the publication confirmed. Strong attended Yale University “with its legendary theater program, though his degree is in English literature.”

“He debuted on Broadway in 2008, winning acclaim for his performances there and off Broadway, including in A Man for All Seasons,” The Wrap continued.

From there, Strong raked up acting credits in Oscar-nominated films like The Big Short, Zero Dark Thirty, and Selma.

Given that COVID-19 has slowed down so many TV series’ schedules, Strong might have an extra-long break on Succession before they’re able to shoot season 3.

“It’s been a very long time since Strong wrapped … the rest of the season in 2019,” The Wrap reported. But since Strong finished filming Succession Season 2, he’s kept busy.

“… he found time to co-star in an Aaron Sorkin movie, playing the hippie anarchist Jerry Rubin in The Trial of the Chicago 7,” The Wrap reported. The film is currently streaming on Netflix — having been released on Oct. 16, 2020.

According to Strong’s IMDb page, he’ll also co-star with Carey Mulligan in a film called Maestro, in which he will play legendary conductor Leonard Bernstein. The movie, directed by Bradley Cooper, is set for a 2021 release.

However, the global pandemic closed off most other opportunities for Strong. The Wrap reported:

And after that he holed up in Denmark with his family, waiting for the pandemic to subside in the United States. (Denmark has had the virus under control for months, so life there is pretty normal, he said.)

‘Succession’ Season 3: when will the cast and crew be able to film it?

Last we heard regarding Succession Season 3 filming plans: “production has been delayed indefinitely,” per Variety.

The HBO series creator Jesse Armstrong told the publication he was “trying to think about starting shooting in New York before Christmas.”

Succession cast member Jeremy Strong at the Emmys
Jeremy Strong at the 72nd Emmy® Awards on Sept. 20, 2020 | ABC via Getty Images

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But Armstrong also admitted everything being discussed now is “just conversations.” Given the seemingly-unending nature of the pandemic, who knows when the Roys will get back to back-stabbing each other.

When season 3 does get into gear, what will Strong have to look forward to?

“I haven’t read Season 3 yet,” he admitted to The Wrap. “But it’s a season where I come into my power. What that power will look like, I’m excited for that dramatically. I think it might be extreme.”

Given that Strong plays such a volatile character on Succession, he has a mixture of emotions when trying to predict what Kendall Roy might get up to in the upcoming season.

“It’s exciting and frightening for me to think about where he might go,” Strong said. “There’s a way in which Kendall goes too far, and I’m interested in where I might go in that reign of power.”