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Like everyone else, Succession actor Sarah Snook spent much of 2020 in a strict lockdown. Unlike most people, though, her quarantine featured a rom-com worthy love story. The Succession cast member quietly fell in love and got married during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

Succession cast member Sarah Snook wears a strapless dress and red lipstick.
Sarah Snook | Arturo Holmes/WireImage

Sarah Snook is an Australian actor

Though she convincingly plays an American on HBO’s Succession, Snook was born in Adelaide, Australia. She dedicated herself to acting at a young age and eventually scored acceptance to the prestigious National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney. From there, she picked up roles in Australia. 

In 2014, Snook acted in her first international film, Predestination. The film wasn’t financially successful, but it helped propel her career abroad. She appeared in Steve Jobs, Black Mirror, and Winchester. Ultimately, though, her most well-known and widely-celebrated role is as media heiress Shiv Roy in Succession.

She proposed to her best friend during lockdown

Before production began for Succession Season 3, the coronavirus pandemic forced HBO to postpone the series indefinitely. Snook rode out the quarantine in Melbourne. Because she had sent most of her belongings to New York in anticipation of filming, she lived out of a suitcase and bounced around various friends’ houses. One of these friends was her future husband, Australian comedian Dave Lawson.

“At the beginning of the pandemic last year, I got locked down in Melbourne with one of my best mates and we fell in love,” Snook told Vogue Australia

According to Snook, the pair had been friends for years and had never pursued anything romantic. 

“We’ve been friends since 2014, lived together, traveled together, always excited to see each other, but totally platonic,” she explained. “We’ve just never been single at the same time.”

On Oct. 31, Snook proposed to Lawson, and they married the following February. The intimate ceremony took place in a Brooklyn backyard with just her housemates and Succession cast member Ashley Zukerman. The couple hopes to have a bigger wedding with friends and family and a quarantine-free honeymoon when they’re able. 

“We’re in that very fortunate and strange position to be like, ‘Well, f— this pandemic,’ but also we wouldn’t have had this relationship if it never happened,” Snook told Town & Country.

Sarah Snook and Dave Lawson reside on a farm in Melbourne

After months of couch-surfing, Snook has settled down in a new Melbourne-area home. The couple lives in a 34-acre property that the actor refers to as a farm. Per Vogue Australia, she has koalas, wombats, and kangaroos on the property.


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“I’m in bliss,” she said of her new home. She added that her living situation highlights the stark differences between herself and her Succession character. She’s happier in her new property than she ever would be in her character’s world. 

“I have no idea what it is like to be a billionaire, other than through research,” the actor said. “Whereas I’m on this farm with Dave in nature and I’m like, ‘Woo hoo.’”