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Cast members come and go and in some cases, former and current reality show cast members keep in touch. Not so for the OGs of Summer House.

Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard recently shared that they really don’t talk to most of the former cast members and even tossed a little shade at a few as a result. Hubbard and Radke chatted with Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast hosts about the current season and their awkward romance.

Carl Radke, Lindsay Hubbard, Amanda Batula, Kyle Cooke and Danielle Olivera
Carl Radke, Lindsay Hubbard, Amanda Batula, Kyle Cooke and Danielle Olivera | Randy Brooke/Getty Images)

They cleared that air about whether or not they are still close friends. They both agreed that while the romance may not have survived their friendship certainly did. Hubbard recently shared a video on her Instagram story of the crew watching the current episode of the show. She is hanging with Radke and Danielle Olivera and the trio looked cozy and happy, joking about how Hubbard was having a salad for dinner, while Radke slurped down luncheon meat.

But they really don’t keep in touch with many former cast members

The conversation turned to former cast members when Radke said he was happy his friendship with Hubbard survived the summer romance. “Because there are cast members from the past I certainly don’t speak to anymore for various reasons,” he said. “It’s a scary thing. You go through this thing together. And you don’t want to lose anybody. You want to preserve that friendship. And that was the first thing that mattered the most.”

So who don’t they talk to anymore? They don’t keep in touch with some of the original cast members like Lauren and Ashley Wirkus, plus Stephen McGee. Radke added Amit Neuman to the list but added he will exchange private messages with Neuman from time to time. Hubbard said she too doesn’t speak to the former cast members.

“I think that’s a function of geographics,” Radke added. “Lauren and Ashley live in California, Amit is God knows where. Stephen, I don’t see. But I do hang out with Jaclyn [Shuman] a fair amount. She’s still around. Cristina Gibson I know is still around. She’s friends with a lot of our friends.” Meanwhile, Hubbard laughs and says she doesn’t hang out with Gibson. Hubbard and Gibson’s friendship ended as the two trashed each other on social media during season 1.

They also don’t keep in touch with Jordan Verroi

Radke added that he also doesn’t speak to Jordan Verroi. Verroi was shrouded in mystery last season, offering larger than life stories about his partying and sexual escapades. Hosts wondered if the communication cutoff was due to some people being jealous that Radke and Hubbard continued with the show and they were cut.

“That’s my assumption,” Radke replied. “I have not spoken with them what their reasons are, I think there are a lot of things that go into a Summer House. And typically not everybody stays in the same Summer House every year so that’s just a normal thing in the Hamptons.”

Also, “I think we’ve said a lot of things about each other whether it’s on a podcast or in [the] press or whatever it might be,” Radke continues. “After the fact and you still hear it like, you know, that kind of sucks. There’s some beef over some things that probably could be squashed very easily.” Hubbard adds that the group hangs out with Shuman and ex-boyfriend Everett Weston quite a bit.