‘Summer House’: How Does the Cast Stay so Fit (But Still Parties)?

Bravo’s Summer House features a house full of millennials eating and drinking whatever they want while showing off toned physiques in tiny swimwear. Every cast member is young and in good shape but viewers never see anyone in the house cutting back on carbs or calories.

The cast of "Summer House" attends Build Series
The cast of “Summer House” attends Build Series | Manny Carabel/Getty Images

So how does the cast stay so fit while at the same time indulging in cocktails and pizza all summer long? The cast shared their secrets to how they balance fun with fitness. A few insisted they didn’t really have any fitness plan while others told Page Six they were careful with what they ate leading up to summer.

The crew was also up front about whether or not they felt pressure to look good on camera.

Many cast members cut sugar from their diet

Both Jules Daoud and Carl Radke admit they take care of their bodies — at least until the pizza and cocktails start flowing. “They way I get ready for the summer is a little bit of intermittent fasting, a lot of yoga, and definitely a little anxiety helps,” Daoud shared. Radke added, “For my summer body I like to do a lot of hot yoga. I like to limit the sugars and try to eat a lot of protein. And honestly the yoga and the running that’s how you get prepared.”

Kyle Cooke also eliminates sugar from his diet to prepare for the show, whereas Lindsay Hubbard says it’s all about the squats. “Well, for my summer body I have to start in the winter,” she says. “So I think doing a lot of cardio and squats because they love to show our asses.”

Amanda Batula also cuts down on eating sugar and carbs too. “I try to cut down on the drinking because that definitely makes you bloat.” She adds that a nice spray tan also goes a long way.

The cast feels pressure to look good

Unlike other shows, the Summer House cast has to be either in a swimsuit or wearing skimpy summer outfits the entire season. “I think there’s a lot of pressure,” Hubbard says. “I can’t speak for the guys, but I think for women I think on TV there’s a lot of pressure to look as good as we can possibly look especially filming in the Hamptons during the summer.”

She adds, “We’re in bikinis all the time. We have cameras in our rooms showing us changing. There’s very minimal clothing that we can cover anything up with. So I think for the girls, there’s a lot of pressure on us.”

Paige DeSorbo says she doesn’t feel pressure to look a certain way. “Because I love cheese and bread so much. So I could never give that up.” Hannah Berner says the beginning of the summer is the peak time. “And it really goes downhill from there,” she jokes. “I gained 10 pounds last summer from alcohol and that’s why I work really hard on my personality.” Luke Gulbranson says he’s too burned out trying to stay in shape, so he eats and drinks what he wants. But also works out.