‘Summer House’: Kyle Cooke Reveals Why He Didn’t Attend Jax and Brittany’s Wedding From ‘Vanderpump Rules’

The cast from Vanderpump Rules and Summer House are known to be close friends. The groups often connect whenever they visit each other’s respective cities. Plus some of the Vanderpump Rules women appeared in the first episode of Summer House.

Kyle Cooke
Kyle Cooke |Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

However, a fan noticed that Kyle Cooke from Summer House didn’t attend Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright’s wedding from Vanderpump Rules. The wedding was months in the making and other Bravolebrities like Shep Rose from Southern Charm attended.

So why didn’t Cooke attend? He shared what happened when he appeared on the Watch What Happens Live After Show. Plus, host Andy Cohen suddenly remembered he made a wedding faux pas too.

The reason is pretty simple

Taylor and Cartwright married in late June which meant Summer House was filming in the Hamptons. The couple married on a Saturday in Kentucky which made it nearly impossible for Cooke to attend since his show is mainly shot on the weekend.

When the caller asked why he didn’t attend he replied, “Curveball! We were filming a little show called Summer House. And we couldn’t go,” he laughs. Cohen reiterates that summer weekends make it tough for the cast to get away.

Stassi Schroeder from Vanderpump Rules, who was a co-guest on WWHL wondered if Cooke was even invited. “Yeah, we were invited, and this has happened multiple times,” he explains. “You can’t go to some of your best friends’ weddings. We’re in the Hamptons doing our thing.”

Cohen explains why summer wedding season is hard for New Yorkers

Cohen shared some insight into summer wedding season in New York. “I always get offended by people who invite me to … well not offended, but New Yorkers are so serious about their summers,” he explains. “Because it’s so fleeting that the weather’s nice here. We all run to the beach.”

“So when people have summer weddings, it gets crazy,” Cohen says. Cooke adds, “It’s a little self-centered.” Cohen says, “We get self-centered with the weddings.”

Then Cohen remembers that he never got the couple a gift. “They invited me and I never got them a gift,” Cohen realizes. Schroeder jokes about how Cohen actually gave them the best gift … the gift of Vanderpump Rules. Cohen turns to Cooke, “Do you remember where they’re enrolled?” Cooke smiles, “The registry is still live?”

Cohen should start shopping now

Cohen says the registry should still be available because the wedding occurred only a few months ago. “I have a year,” he replies. Schroeder whispers that she’ll hook up Cohen with the couple’s website. “Good, I want it,” he says.

Although common thought is that you have a year to send a gift, etiquette expert Emily Post says a gift should be sent within three months of the wedding.

“Contrary to a current rumor that you have a year to send a gift, it really should be sent soon after you receive your invitation or, on the outside, within three months of the wedding,” according to Emily Post. “Gifts should be sent before the wedding or as soon after the wedding date as possible. But late is better than never so send your gift when you can.”