‘Summer House’: Kyle Cooke Shares Why He Was Frustrated With Luke Gulbranson’s Reaction on the Show

Kyle Cooke from Summer House shared that he was frustrated when Luke Gulbranson refused to dish about his evening with Hannah Berner.

The morning after Berner and Gulbranson were pretty loud in the bedroom, the cast wanted to know if they ended up having sex. Amanda Batula and Paige DeSorbo especially wanted to know after trying to expose Gulbranson for being a player.

Luke Gulbranson
Luke Gulbranson |Mark Sagliocco/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Berner came clean to DeSorbo and told her exactly what happened (which still annoyed DeSorbo and Batula). But Gulbranson tried to play coy, refusing to directly answer the casts’ questions during an awkward breakfast.

The more Gulbranson ignores their questions, the angrier the cast becomes

DeSorbo asks Gulbranson what happened with Berner. “Maybe I had a crazy dream, but I don’t know,” he says. At this point, he doesn’t realize that Berner already told DeSorbo what had happened between the two. His response seems to trigger the cast, especially as he tries to ignore the questions.

When DeSorbo asks him if they had sex, Gulbranson replies, “You can ask her.” Cooke says he thinks Gulbranson is taking advantage of the fact that Berner is into him. He also looks frustrated with Gulbranson’s response.

Cooke tweeted during the episode. He wrote that asking and answering questions is part of being on a reality television show. “This kitchen scene,” he tweeted along with a crying/laughing emoji. “Luke forgot we are on a reality show and HAVE to ask questions. Otherwise yea. Awkward silence.”

Gulbranson said spilling everything isn’t his style

Cooke tweeted about the moment directly to Gulbranson too during the show. “I love you buddy but there’s no such thing as ‘this is our business’ on reality tv. I can show you 4 seasons of proof,” he wrote. “Hope that clears up some of my frustration.”

Gulbranson replied to Cooke’s tweet, insisting that he isn’t going to spill everything. “Sometimes you will know and sometimes you won’t. That’s my choice,” he responded. “Just because you and Amanda share whatever u want that’s your choice. I’m not you or Amanda. I won’t say or do things because I’m on a tv show. Just an FYI. So u might be frustrated a lot.”

Cooke simply responded with a crying/laughing emoji and “Ok buddy.” Gulbranson told Showbiz Cheat Sheet being involved in a reality television show was certainly eye-opening and that he learned a lot about himself in the process.

Gulbranson said he tried to be less aggressive

“I learned a lot about myself and I wasn’t really expecting to do that just because, you know, you’re basically living with people that you don’t really know,” he admitted. “So you have to navigate the waters and handle the ups and downs throughout the summer.”

He added that he held back a bit and tried not to be reactionary too. “Maybe in the past, I would have acted a little bit more aggressive. But given the sense that I was living with people that have to spend a summer with, I didn’t want to let it get to that point.”

Summer House is on Wednesday at 9/8c on Bravo.