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Who knew Carl Radke was the one who was the one doing most of the tidying up at the Summer House?

But apparently Radke seems to take on the burden of keeping the 6,500 square foot home in order, which is no small feat for one person to achieve. Producers and crew members recently shared with Bravo’s The Daily Dish some inside secrets of what goes on behind the scenes.

The cast of "Summer House"  attends Build Series
The cast of “Summer House” attends Build Series | Manny Carabel/Getty Images

Producers say Radke consistently takes out the trash and cleans up. The home, according to producers, gets trashed the minute the crew hits the Hamptons too. Who makes the biggest mess? Hannah Berner is typically the cast member who does a good job of trashing the joint.

Most cast members leave their belongings at the ‘Summer House’

The series shows the cast driving back and forth from Manhattan to the Hamptons each summer. Each cast member has a designated bedroom and most leave behind clothes or other necessities to make packing light.

Almost every cast member unpacks each week with the exception of Berner. And those boxes seen outside the house each week are sometimes items sent from home.

Even though cast members have their own room, it doesn’t mean they have any privacy. The cast used to have a few hidden spots they’d hit for private moments. But thanks to Radke and Paige DeSorbo’s pantry make-out sessions, nearly all areas of the home are filmed. “We learned our lesson after Season 3 when Paige and Carl would make out in the pantry,” producers said.

Where’s the action?

Apparently Lindsay Hubbard’s room or Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula’s bathroom sees the most action in the house. “They like to have sex in there occasionally,” producers said referring to Cooke and Batula’s bathroom.

Speaking of action, but not the good kind, the cast hates seeing Cooke and Batula fight the most. “It really is like Mom and Dad fighting!” producers shared.

Another big source of action often occurs when the cast is dining out at a local restaurant. While many cast fights occur over dinners at home, the cast tries to be cognizant of other diners while eating at a restaurant. Producers say their biggest challenge is “not disturbing the other customers.” They want to avoid a screaming match too. “And that everyone isn’t just shouting over each other the entire time,” the added.

It also takes a while to get to the Hamptons too

Like most New Yorkers, Summer House cast members sit in traffic too. “Sometimes it takes three hours, sometimes six or more. We spend half the summer on the Long Island Expressway,” producers said.

Luke Gulbranson described to Showbiz Cheat Sheet what it’s like to catch the train. “My God, the days I took the train … that in itself could be a reality show,” he said. “Holy hell, I mean are you kidding me? These people are out for blood. Jumping over each other. People are punching and fighting each other because there’s no room on the train. It’s packed.”

“The trains going from Penn Station to the Hamptons are so crowded,” he added. “People are sitting on the floor.” Gulbranson said he prefers to drive. “When I drove it was great,” he said. “Traffic … listen you’re going to deal with traffic. Sometimes it wasn’t bad, sometimes it was.” 

Catch Summer House every Wednesday at 9/8 c on Bravo.