Summer Walker Proclaims She’s Done Making Music After 2020 & People Are Over It

Summer Walker’s tour doesn’t seem to be the only thing she’s canceling these days. On February 10, 2020, Walker took to her Instagram story to announce that she will not be making any more music after this year. The 23-year-old has been candid about how challenging it has been for her to cope with fame. As she struggles with social anxiety, she first had to cancel meet and greets with fans. However, when that wasn’t enough, Walker went on to cancel her 20 remaining tour dates

Summer Walker tour
Summer Walker | Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

After canceling her tour, Summer Walker announces she’s quitting music

Though many of Walker’s fans were disappointed that she canceled her tour, especially since she’s declared this would be her only one, many understood her need to prioritize her mental health. They were upset, but looked forward to her releasing new music that they could enjoy. But, the “Playing Games” singer threw fans another curveball when she announced that she would no longer be making music after this year. “Lol I’m deada*s never making another song after 2020,” Walker announced via her Instagram story.

Fans react on Instagram

Of course, The Shade Room reposted Walker’s announcement almost immediately. Walker has called them out before, calling them a “disgusting place” but that hardly stopped them from sharing her announcement. Of course, many fans in the comments were begging Walker to continue to make music. “Please don’t let these miserable MFCKAS drive you to this, sis! You’re wayyyyyyy too talented! 💯” one devoted fan pleaded. However, a lot of people were simply (pun intended) over it.

Summer Walker Instagram
Summer Walker Instagram post

Some fans shared that while Walker was talented, there were other artists that they could enjoy. “Ok Summer goodbye. You had a cute run, but if you don’t want it neither do we,” one person wrote. “Ok cause we not finna kiss yo a$$….. girl we still got HER AND SZA..,” another person shared, specifically calling out other artists in similar genres. “I mean at this point. I’m over her🤷🏽‍♀️ she not going on tour she not singing no more like OK cool🙄,” another person declared.

Why people are truly over it

Others claimed that Walker was merely looking for attention as she didn’t have to continuously announce her decisions. “I ain’t never seen somebody not want attention want attention soooooo bad 🗣SUMMER SHUTUP !!!” one critic shared. Of course, other people couldn’t help but make Rihanna comparisons. “I’m so tired of her and these tantrums if you’re done be done damn stop announcing it! Let us RIH RIH YOU! “Where the album” da*n 🙄,” one Instagram user shared. “She said this last year. Don’t get me wrong, I love her music, but nobody losing sleep over it. If we can function with Rihanna not dropping her new music, we definitely will function without hers. 🤷🏽‍♀️” another person added.

Of course, some people took a more compassionate route. They encouraged people to consider that Walker might be reaching her hand out for help. “Let’s say hypothetically that she is going through a mental breakdown and need that support, instead of giving her that time and support you choose to bash her, harass her, and make fun of her, and then you want to wonder why people kill themselves or seem to really hop off the wagon. She could really be going through something and all just about everyone is expressing how you “dgaf” and not care,” one person pointed out. “I wish someone would hug this baby and get her the help she needs. She’s been crying out for a while,” another person co-signed.

Will Walker make music or do concerts in the future

Perhaps Walker spoke too soon about her decision, or perhaps she only meant it as a joke. At only 23 years old, it is also entirely possible that she has decided that music is no longer for her. Whatever her reasoning for the announcement, we hope that Walker is doing what is best for her.