Super Bowl 2020: This Industry is Dominating This Year’s Round of Ads

Competition for ad space heats up each year as companies vie for viewers’ attention during the biggest sporting event on television. And each year, roughly 100 million people tune in to watch the Super Bowl and its commercials, which tend to be funny, emotional, entertaining, or sometimes confusing. After the event, some company becomes the talk of the internet and the water cooler.

It costs. This year, it’s been revealed that for 30 seconds of ad time, Fox charged $5.6 million, and the rate is doubled for a 60-second ad at $11.2 million. There are a few corporations that want to entice fans so badly they’ll splurge for a two-minute commercial. So, which industries are spending the most money and most time in the ad arena for this year’s Super Bowl?

Super Bowl LIV sign
Super Bowl LIV signage | Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

A breakdown of who’s dominating your TV screens for Super Bowl 54

According to Yahoo! Sports, Fox doled out around 80 advertising slots for this year’s game. The list includes big names like Walmart, Google, Cheetos, Procter & Gamble, and Budweiser. Some of these business giants are repeat customers who drop a new commercial every year during the Super Bowl, but there is one group that takes the lead for 2020.

The site analyzed and compared which industry bought the most time this year, and unsurprisingly, it’s foods and beverages. Someone has to feed you, right? According to their data, at least 17 food brands purchased ad time to win you over. Here are some of the who’s who of that crowd:

Bud Light; Budweiser; SodaStream; Pringles; Cheetos; Sabra; Snickers; Pop-Tarts; Coca-Cola; Avocados from Mexico; Doritos; Heinz; Mountain Dew; Michelob; Little Caesars; Pepsi; and Planters.

Following that lead are auto brands, as evidenced by General Motors’ Hummer commercial and Hyundai’s star-packed “Smaht Pahk” ad featuring Chris Evans and John Krasinski.

Which Super Bowl commercials are aiming to be among 2020’s best?

Planters built suspense by killing off its mascot Mr. Peanut in a commercial featuring Wesley Snipes and Matt Walsh. Thanks to Mr. Kool-Aid’s single tear, he’s been reborn and now the internet is celebrating. In addition to that campaign, Audi looped people in with its Maisie Williams ad because who doesn’t want to watch Arya Stark drive like a stunt person?

Other hot contenders include trailers for the highly anticipated films No Time to Die and Black Widow, Google’s “Loretta,” and Snickers’ world-fixing mission.  

Who spent the most money this year on advertising?

Fox generated lots of cash by selling spots, but which businesses shelled out the most? It’s estimated that Donald Trump and Michael Bloomberg each coughed up about $10 million for campaign promos, and other big spenders include Michelob, Facebook, the NFL, and Coca-Cola.

Compared to 2019, Anheuser-Busch led the way in ad spending, with online/tech companies Amazon and Alphabet following right behind, according to Statista.

Super Bowl commercials continue to be part of the draw of watching the 4-hour game, and companies are counting on you to be glued to your screens for those few seconds. Dollars spent to create and produce these ads from some of your favorite brands often translate to dollars earned.