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Many actresses in the history of TV have become pregnant while acting on popular shows. Directors of these shows have usually had to work around said pregnancies by either hiding the actress behind furniture/props, or just offer them maternity leave. Unfortunately, with maternity leave rare in any field, most actresses have had to continue working during their pregnancies.

After Melissa Benoist recently announced her pregnancy, everyone’s wondering how this is going to work around her title role on Supergirl. After starting on CBS in 2015 and now on The CW, the series keeps staying popular.

One thing for sure is the show probably can’t stop with Benoist’s pregnancy. How they’re going to work around it is still up in the air, but fans are already speculating.

Will the production team allow Supergirl to have a baby?

Melissa Benoist
Melissa Benoist | Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

Never has there been an attempt (at least on TV) to have a superhero have a child, mostly for the obvious reasons of normalizing them too much to take away the superhero fantasy. Not that many comic book superheroes haven’t had many children, sometimes becoming part of the super family.

Nevertheless, even the MCU has avoided this, if maybe adding it in with Scarlet Witch having twins for upcoming WandaVision.

In the realms of Superman or Supergirl, having children hasn’t been in the cards. Having Supergirl getting pregnant and having a baby would break a lot of barriers, however.

It’s something many fans on Reddit are already expressing their feelings for, outside of explaining how producers will hide Benoist’s pregnancy.

Some think they won’t bother with Supergirl becoming a mother after all. They’ll possibly consider such a thing unrealistic and ruin the dynamics of who the character is.

Would Supergirl being a mother really work in the context of the story, or would it just create a needless distraction? With technology being what it is now, Benoist can probably still work on the show without the pregnancy being noticeable.

‘Supergirl’ may use CGI to cover Melissa Benoist’s pregnancy

Because CGI is such a crutch in movies and TV, don’t be surprised to see Benoist’s baby bump covered up digitally during the remaining filming days of Supergirl’s fifth season. If she gives birth just before the sixth season begins, fans also note producers may have to focus on sideline characters for a while (if not even Superman himself).

Thanks to a large compendium of characters, they’d be easily covered while giving an excuse of Supergirl having to leave to deal with something beyond earth. Or, they may even decide to have Benoist’s Kara Danvers be a surrogate mother for someone else.

Yet, why not just have Supergirl/Kara become pregnant and see where it goes? Since the beings from Krypton also give birth like humans do on earth, seeing how that plays out for Kara would be more than a little interesting.

The trouble is how she’d perform her stunts while expecting. Kara would have to be grounded for a while until finally giving birth. And the giving birth aspect would be a bit eye-opening if it’s a different process from earthly humans.

Should Supergirl have a child, things could get even more interesting

There’s already been a lot of speculation about what things will look like on WandaVision if they follow the comic book track of Scarlet Witch having twins. Once kids are in the mix, presenting story lines of a superhero training their kids to be like them could be a fun new path.

Will Supergirl be forced to do the same, or will they just do what so many other shows do and cover reality? No official word is available yet on how they’ll proceed.

No doubt they’ll just take it one day at a time, if not prepare some script outlines of Kara having a baby. If Benoist brings her real baby onto the set, it’ll probably make fan groups explode. Beyond her love of the show, it’s doubtful she’d take any risk having her real baby around a TV show as a new maternity plan.