‘Superman and Lois’ Creator Promises One Story Will Never Happen on the Show

Superman is finally getting his own TV show again. Superman and Lois will star Tyler Hoechlin as the Kal-El/Clark Kent from the Arrowverse. He’ll be settling down with Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch) in Smallville, at least as settled as life can ever be for Superman. 

Superman and Lois: Tyler Hoechlin
Tyler Hoechlin | Katie Yu/The CW

Superman and Lois creator Todd Helbing was on a DC Fandome panel with Hoechlin and Tulluch on Sept. 12 to preview their new show. Helbing promised at least one thing would never happen on his new show. Look for Superman and Lois in 2021 on The CW.

Why ‘Superman and Lois’ move back to Smallville

Helbing said viewers to Superman and Lois will learn the reason Clark and Lois move back to his farmtown home. It will give the show different sorts of stories than Supergirl or The Flash.

The story of Superman has taken place in Metropolis for very long. Obviously, there was a Smallville series but I came from a small town in the midwest and the town that I grew up in had a business leave that sort of affected everybody in the town. The town started to slowly dry up. It felt very current with recent years after 2008 so we wanted to tell a story where you have parents, after this tragic event happens, move back to Smallville and really find that it’s easier to raise kids maybe in a place where life isn’t so hectic as it is in Metropolis.

Todd Helbing, DC Fandome panel, 9/12/2020

‘Superman and Lois’ will reunite with old friends 

Superman fans already know the cast of characters waiting for Clark back in Smallville. Those include characters like Lana Lang, who has appeared in shows like Smallville too.

Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch |Katie Yu/The CW

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“I think it’s fun, when they go back, that Lana Lang is there,” Helbing said. “Lana was Clark’s first love. I think it’s an interesting dynamic as an adult how you deal with that relationship.”

Todd Helbing will never let this happen 

Helbing teased the complications that Lana Lang could bring to Superman & Lois. However, he is adamant there will never be a love triangle. 

“We don’t want Clark Kent ever having an affair on Lois,” Helbing said. “That’s never going to happen. Also, we don’t want Lois and Lana brawling. But that dynamic as an adult is really interesting to us. Those feelings are impossible to ignore and I think that that’s a real thing for some people, especially when kids are involved. And then to see her husband and her kids and that dynamic.”

‘Superman & Lois’ created some new characters too

Lang’s family will provide some interesting stories for the Kent boys. Lois and Clark have two sons.

Tyler Hoechlin and Bitsie Tulloch | Shane Harvey/The CW

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“Kyle Cushing, [Lang’s] husband, and Sarah Cushing who get sort of wrapped up with the boys and then they have their own love triangle,” Helbing said. “And then a character that I think is really interesting is General Lane, Lois’s father and his relationship with the two of them. He’s a very military guy so he sort of looks at Superman as like his soldier. His relationship with Lois is a little fraught because of the way that he took his job when he was a parent vs. the way that Clark is doing his job so all of that messiness is really fun.”