‘Superman and Lois’ Elizabeth Tulloch Calls Out Netflix, and ‘Grimm’ Fans Have Her Back

Grimm was NBC’s procedural show with a supernatural spin. The series had all of the classic elements of a cop show, which appealed to action lovers. But instead of run-of-the-mill characters, Grimm reimagined suspects and victims as magical creatures ripped from the pages of Grimms’ Fairy Tales. The show hooked viewers for six seasons and 123 episodes before calling it quits.

Grimm‘s ensemble cast included the now-married couple David Giuntoli, who currently co-stars in A Million Little Things, and Elizabeth Tulloch of the forthcoming Superman and Lois. Both stars have created a buzz for their work, but it’s Tulloch who recently created a Twitter storm surrounding it.

Elizabeth Tulloch
Elizabeth Tulloch | Phillip Chin/Getty Images for Warner Brothers Television)

Elizabeth Tulloch calls out Netflix

Tulloch took to Twitter in response to Netflix’s move to discontinue streaming episodes of Grimm. The beloved show had been available on Netflix in certain regions outside the United States, including Europe, Turkey, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and South Korea, according to thenetline.com. The streaming giant did not renew the contract, which expired in 2020.

In a tweet, Tulloch wrote, “Hey Netflix, we want Grimm back! These are trying times and we all need a little Monroe pick-me-up with a side of Nick’s jawline!”

Twitter users hopped on board to agree with the actress’s comment. One fan chimed in saying, “Totally agree on that request, bring back Grimm.”

Another watcher tweeted, “Yes! There was no Grimm on Netflix here in Luxembourg. Please bring back Grimm.”

The comments from around the globe keep flowing in, all gushing over Grimm.

“It was one of my dad and [my] favorite shows. We never missed an episode in its original broadcast and we re-watched from scratch on Netflix,” one fan mused.

Tulloch has plenty of company when it comes to missing Grimm on Netflix. Her tweet has been retweeted hundreds of times, with over 2,300 likes and counting.

‘Grimm’ has another streaming home

The terms of the Netflix agreement did not allow for Grimm to air in the U.S. on the streamer, but fans were quick to remind Tulloch that the show is available on Amazon Prime Video for the time being.

A particularly passionate fan confessed, “I’m bingeing Grimm right now on Prime! It’s like my 5th time!”

Another follower tweeted, “I’ve been bingeing Grimm on Prime Video! It’s one of the few shows my husband and I never missed. Now we’re watching again.”

Still, for others, re-watching Grimm is a way to fill the Tulloch-shaped void on TV as viewers anxiously await the actress’s next project.

Gotta have something to binge until we get Superman and Lois,” quipped one Tulloch devotee.

‘Grimm’ could leave Prime Video for Peacock

NBCUniversal plans to launch the streaming service, Peacock, in the Spring of 2020. The new platform will house movies, series, sports, news, and unscripted programming. Since Grimm was an NBC show, it could eventually find a home on Peacock. The contract terms between NBCUniversal and Amazon Prime Video will determine if and when Grimm will be discontinued on Prime. But for now, Grimm fans can get their fix on Amazon’s streamer.

The CW has plans to launch Tulloch’s new show, Superman and Lois in the Fall of 2020. The show also stars Tyler Hoechlin as the Man of Steel.

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