‘Superman & Lois’: Fan Theory Explains Jordan’s Growing Powers

In the mid-season premiere of Superman & Lois, Jordan’s growing powers are tested again when he heads to Metropolis for a football game against his old school’s team. But after seeing how his abilities manifest, some fans of the CW series are beginning to notice a common theme.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Superman & Lois, Episode 6.]

Alexander Garfin as Jordan Kent in 'Superman & Lois'
Alexander Garfin as Jordan Kent in ‘Superman & Lois’ | The CW/Youtube

Jordan’s powers are still unstable on ‘Superman & Lois’

As seen in the first few episodes of Superman & Lois, Jordan Kent (Alexander Garfin) discovered his inherited powers after saving his brother from falling metal pipes, taking the brunt of the hit. But ever since, the teen has had a hard time controlling his abilities, which often appear when he’s angry or emotional.

In episode 6, “Broken Trust,” Jordan gets his first migraine while in school. He hears a painful high-pitched ringing in his ears. And automatically, his laser vision begins to power up. Luckily, Jon (Jordan Elsass) is there to calm him down and prevent any damage. 

But Jordan and Jon decide not to tell Clark (Tyler Hoechlin) about the incident. And Jordan insists he’s well enough to play against Metropolis. 

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He’s primarily motivated by the fact that the football players at his old school bullied him constantly. And with this game, he intends on showing them up. 

But during the game, the Metropolis players jump on Jordan, causing his laser vision to burst, Clark rushes over before anyone can notice, and absorbs the heat into his hands. 

But despite Clark’s lecture about the dangers of revealing his powers, Jordan later gets into an altercation with the Metropolis players. And as he goes in to punch one in the face, Jon throws his hand in the middle, and gets his bones crushed. 

Some ‘Superman & Lois’ fans think pain and injury are what cause Jordan’s powers to show

As some Superman & Lois fans have noticed, there’s been a common theme in Jordan’s exhibition of powers. Everytime he is injured or in pain, his abilities seem to burst out. “I’ve noticed that Jordan’s powers seem to activate/grow after he receives a serious injury,” one Reddit fan shared.

“First was the fall in the barn (leading to a surge of strength/invulnerability), then he got kicked around at the bonfire and let out his heat vision, then he got beat up by Tag and it seems to have set off the emergence of super hearing (and a surge in his other powers too),” they continued. “Getting piled on at the Metropolis football game also set off his biggest explosion of heat vision yet.”

The Redditor also suggested the possibility that Jordan, and perhaps Jon’s, Kryptonian DNA gets triggered when they are injured. And this could explain why Jordan’s powers seem to grow stronger when he’s injured. 

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“Maybe his body patches itself up with its stronger (alien) genetic material making his body more and more Kryptonian and powerful after every incident,” the fan added.

“And it would partially explain why Jor-El’s initial scan didn’t pick up on much. It is only just beginning and that side of him has just started to manifest — I also wonder if Jon’s injured arm will spark anything in him.”

The fan’s suggestion that Jon’s hand injury could initiate his powers is intriguing. Hopefully, as the season continues, we’ll get a better idea of how their inherited abilities work.

New episodes of Superman & Lois air Tuesdays on The CW.