‘Superman & Lois’ Fans Will Get a ‘Series of False Climaxes’ Before the Season Finale

With new other-world superheroes and long-lost Kryptonian brothers, Superman & Lois has been delivering one welcome surprise after another. And according to series star Adam Rayner, who plays Morgan Edge, aka Tal-Rho, fans will get a series of thrilling climaxes before this season of the CW show ends. 

Tyler Hoechlin in 'Superman & Lois'
Tyler Hoechlin in ‘Superman & Lois’ | The CW Network/Youtube

‘Superman & Lois’ has already given us several exciting climaxes

Since the series premiere of Superman & Lois, we’ve seen Clark (Tyler Hoechlin), Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch), and their twin sons Jordan (Alex Garfin) and Jonathan (Jordan Elsass) face down numerous challenges. Right off the bat, the family learned that Jordan has powers like his dad.

But while they tried to sort through that family drama, the Kents were faced with the threat of alternate-Earth John Henry Irons (Wolé Parks), aka Steel. And after Irons dropped the bombshell that the rise of Kryptonians turned his world’s Superman evil, Lois uncovered Morgan Edge’s plan — which of course, is to resurrect Kryptonians and take over Earth. 

With the help of Lana (Emmanuelle Chriqui) and Kal-El’s sentient mom Lara, the gang temporarily thwarted Edge’s plan. But in doing so, they forced Edge to reveal his true identity as Superman’s Kryptonian half-brother, Tal-Rho. 

In the latest episode, Tal-Rho discovers Clark’s identity and threatens to hurt his family. Clark agrees to go to Tal-Rho’s fortress, where Zeta-Rho presumably turns him into the evil Superman.  Acknowledging his suspicions are coming true, Lois calls Irons and asks him for help. 

‘Superman & Lois’ star Adam Rayner says the season will continue to surprise fans  

So far, this season of Superman & Lois has been anything but predictable. And in a recent chat with TV Line, Rayner suggested that fans will get plenty more surprises and potential fake-outs before the season ends. 

“It gets bigger and bigger, the scale of it,” Rayner revealed. “And just when you think, ‘That has to be the finale,’ they find a way to circle back around and do it all again with even more surprises and on an even bigger scale. From now on, you’ll get a series of false climaxes before the massive final showdown. It’s quite a feat in building to a crescendo.”

What to expect from the next episode of ‘Superman & Lois’

The June 22 episode of Superman & Lois ended on a thrilling cliffhanger. With Superman’s movies presumably compromised, there is a growing chance that he turns into the villain Irons warned Lois about. 

In a sneak peek for episode 12, “Through The Valley Of Death,” John Diggle (David Ramsey) arrives in Smallville to help. Irons is heard telling Lois that his Earth’s Superman wiped out Metropolis in a matter of minutes. But Lois insists Clark will snap out of it because of his love for their family. 

“He has a family to fight for, which means he won’t give up,” she says. “And neither can we.”


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If Superman does turn on humanity, Irons and the DoD’s Kryptonite-enhanced weapons might not be enough to stop him. So instead, Lois, Jordan, and Jonathan may need to be the ones who swoop in to save the day. 

New episodes of Superman & Lois air Tuesdays on The CW.