Superman’s Son Would Become the Next Batman in Zack Snyder’s ‘Justice League’ Sequel

Zack Snyder’s Justice League just hit HBO Max, and fans can’t get over how different it is from the 2017 release. Zack Snyder’s new version features deeper character development and story arcs, as he had hoped to take the franchise further. 

In a recent interview, Snyder talked about his vision for the DC superheroes and what their legacy could have been. And as a surprising twist, he revealed that he planned to make Superman’s son the next Batman. 

Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, and Zack Snyder on the set of 'Justice League'
Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, and Zack Snyder on the set of ‘Justice League’ | Clay Enos/HBO Max

Zack Snyder wanted to make sequels to ‘Justice League’

A family tragedy forced Snyder to walk away from Justice League in 2017. And the film ultimately ended up in the hands of Joss Whedon. With extensive reshoots and cuts, Whedon managed to change Snyder’s vision for the film entirely. After fans demanded the Snyder Cut of Justice League be released, the director picked up where he left off and completed his film. 

But when Snyder set out to make Justice League, he imagined the story would continue with sequels.  “When I made the film originally, it was part of a five-part trilogy,” he told Vanity Fair. “There were two more episodes of the Justice League to be shot.”

But with a new Batman and potentially new Superman, the DCEU is continuing to evolve. And Warner Bros. hasn’t revealed any intentions to back a Justice League sequel. 

However, Snyder thinks there’s still hope. “I didn’t think I’d be here talking about [a new] Justice League,” he suggested. “So never say never.”

He planned on killing off Batman in ‘Justice League 2’

For Justice League 2, Snyder wanted to take the superhero team back in time to save Lois. And in doing so, Batman would have sacrificed himself. The director also wanted to feature a major war against the team’s most formidable foe, Darkseid.

“Superman doesn’t succumb to the Anti-Life Equation,” Snyder said when talking to Vanity Fair. “Then the final movie has Aquaman leading the forces of Atlantis, Diana leading forces of Themyscira, and Superman and Flash leading the forces of [humans] against Darkseid in a giant war.”

Zack Snyder wanted Superman’s son to be the next Batman

In what would have been a sweet storyline, Snyder revealed that Justice League 2 would have set up a future story for Clark and Lois that included getting pregnant and having a son. And in his Vanity Fair interview, he revealed that down the road, Superman’s son would grow up to become the next Caped Crusader. 


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“It was going to be Lois and Superman’s son,” Snyder teased. “He doesn’t have any powers, and then he was going to end up being the new Batman. Twenty years later, on the anniversary of [Batman’s] death, they take young Bruce Kent down to the Batcave and they say, ‘Your Uncle Bruce would’ve been proud if you did this.’”

Snyder’s revelation is mind-blowing to say the least. And it would have been a real treat to see his vision come to life. The director is holding out hope that the Justice League sequels will become a reality. So fans will just have to wait and see if it actually happens. 

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is currently streaming on HBO Max.