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The Winchesters learned the hard way that according to God, there is a such thing as luck. It was lost during last week’s episode, wreaking havoc with even the smallest of tasks. Thanks to a tip from Garth, the brothers were on a mission to fix the damage. Here’s a recap of episode 11, “The Gamblers.”

'Supernatural' episode 15, 'The Gamblers'
‘Supernatural’ episode 15, ‘The Gamblers’ | The CW Network/YouTube

The stakes are high

A pool game is in progress and one man in a suit is sweating his nerves out. He’s losing. Two coins are perched in a chandelier and glow before losing the shine, and the man—Leonard—panics. He’s kicked out of the bar, but not before grabbing one of the coins. He tosses it into the air and as soon as it leaves his hand, he’s hit by a semi. Where’s the story going today?

The Winchesters are on the road to Alaska, Cass discovers. They’re searching for the place Garth told them about that’s off the beaten path. And Cass gets a call from a police officer looking for one of their fake FBI aliases. He’s got a lead on a suspect the Winchesters are looking for: Jack Klein.

The brothers arrive in Alaska

A waitress tells them about an urban legend of the magical pool hall. If you go and win, you come back lucky, but she says no one ever does. She tells them about Leonard. Sam is not interested in going, but Dean wants them to get their mojo back. Too bad they’re grounded by a flat tire.

At the bunker, Cass receives a video from the cop with Jack on surveillance murdering a local doctor and devouring his heart. What? The video did blank out for two minutes, but clearly something happened.

Sam and Dean get to the pool hall and sit at the bar. They ask about Leonard but the bartender lies and says she doesn’t know him. The owner guy comes and escorts them to a table and explains that they don’t play with cash, they use special coins. The coin measures luck when you touch it, and Dean’s is not the greatest. The coin stops glowing when your luck runs out and you must leave the pool hall. Dean wants to play while Sam the Wise wants to skip the riskiness.

Cass visits the doctor’s office and figures out there’s a sword there, and he starts poking around to pick up Jack’s trail. Meanwhile, Jack wanders into a warehouse with an angel blade and is overtaken by an angel with a sword. Jack gets stabbed in the gut and taken hostage at a church. Cass speaks to the local sheriff and narrows down abandoned buildings, including the church.

Sam and Dean learn about the coin’s power

Dean decides to practice while Sam chats up the bartender. She tells him about the type of people who visit the place; they’re all down on their luck. Dean racks them up with a cowboy, and he starts out doing well but gets cocky and misses the 8-ball. He gets another chance and wins the game, but the rodeo man’s luck has run out.

He steps outside and the boys follow him, and they learn he has cancer and came to the pool hall to fight it. He’s coughing up blood and asks for peace so he can die.

Elsewhere, Jack wanders into a warehouse with an angel blade and is overtaken by an angel with a sword. Jack gets stabbed in the gut and taken hostage at a church. Cass speaks to the local sheriff and narrows down abandoned buildings, including the church.

Dean is ready to leave since he feels like they’ve got their mojo back, but Sam wants to stay and help everyone who’s stuck. Dean couldn’t even make it out of the parking lot, and they figure out the system is corrupt; the coins are corrupt. The goddess of luck, Fortuna’s name is on the coin, and they think she’s running the show. They find out her son Bex acts like her proxy and runs the pool hall.

The Winchesters call out Fortuna and challenge her to a game, but she wants to play Sam. He’s not skilled, but he’s in and wants to play for everyone’s freedom.

Back to Jack. We learn the doctor he killed was an angel feeding off of human souls, and the angel that kidnapped him feeds off children. Jack’s been plucking them off. Cass shows up and rescues Jack; they’re reunited.

The Winchesters’ luck changes and Jack’s mission is revealed

Sam plays Fortuna, and she asks why they’re down on their luck. Dean tells her about Chuck/God. She said welcome to the club—Chuck did her dirty too—and breaks down the origin of all the gods. She shares that old, forgotten gods like her were created by humans, but Chuck/God’s ego got out of control and he flipped things so they carried the blame for terrible things. Old world gods like her were relegated to “scraps,” she says. She is not a fan of Chuck.

Sam wins, but she offers to plays another game: double or nothing. If they win, she helps them by granting them the luck of heroes like Hercules to beat Chuck.

But Sam still wants to free the people stuck in the pool hall. She doesn’t get his compassion but agrees. This time, Fortuna wins. The boys walk out and are planning their next move when the people trapped by bad luck all walk outside.

Fortuna freed them and was inspired to do so by the Winchesters. The bartender relays a message that Fortuna thought heroes like them were extinct, and “Don’t play his game, make him play yours.” Sam is handed a coin and it glows as the magic seeps into his hand. The Winchesters have mojo!

Now, their car works and so do their credit cards. Once they arrive back at the bunker, Cass is waiting there with Jack. Sam embraces him but Dean is hesitant. The Winchesters are filled in on what Jack’s been doing. When they ask why he didn’t call, he said he had to stay under the radar.

We learn that Billie kept Jack hidden until God left this version of the world. Chuck fears Jack but the young Nephilim has to operate silently and keep his powers hidden so he can remain undetected. He’s eating hearts to regain his strength, and Billie told him that he’ll be able to kill God.