‘Supernatural’ Episode 17 Recap: Jack and The Winchesters vs. Chuck and Amara?

The time grows nigh for Supernatural fans to gather their tissues or steel their emotions. Only a few episodes remain in this fantastical journey and final battle.

With the knowledge that Jack is the weapon, the Winchesters are on opposite sides of the strategy table. As much as it hurts, Jack is somewhat ready to sacrifice himself. Heading into episode 17, Sam and Dean are on two separate missions, but things are building up.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Supernatural Season 15, episode 17, “Unity”]

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Jensen Ackles | Michael Courtney/The CW

Amara meets up with the Winchesters

Amara relaxes in hot springs, staring up at the stars. She sees the Northern Lights and knows it means Chuck is home. At the bunker, Sam checks in with Cass who’s in Rome following up on a dead end rumor.

The Winchesters are on bad terms because Sam doesn’t want Jack to sacrifice himself. Dean insists they don’t have to like it, but they have to get it done. They hear a noise and see Amara is in the bunker.

She tells them Chuck is back. She warns them they don’t have enough manpower to trap Chuck, but Dean says they have Jack. Amara wishes she would’ve gotten to know Jack and says maybe when it’s over.

Dean tells her the kid’s been juicing up for the fight and asks if they can count on her. Amara gets flirty with Dean, “You and I will always help each other.”

Sam doesn’t want Jack to go, and he refuses to ride to Santa Fe with Dean and Jack for the last ritual. They argue about giving up on Jack, and Dean blurts out he’s not family. He says Jack’s not him or Cass. It’s hurtful and Jack overhears as they’re about to head out.

Dean and Jack hit the road and Sam stays behind to research.

Amara and Chuck have a reunion

Amara is alone in the woods until Chuck pops up. “Hey, sis.” He says he’s saving the best (planet) for last.

He wants Amara’s help for a reboot. She explains she’s not interested in helping him nor is she on Dean’s side. They go for a walk and she lectures him about the perfection of his creation.

Chuck rants about humans and his failures. She takes him to Heaven and he’s not impressed—even when “fans” show up. The angels are excited to see him and irk him for autographs. He snaps away the “mouth-breathers” to limbo.

Amara proposes they unify and create balance in the world—the way it was always meant to be. Chuck shoots down the notion.

She notes he only cares about himself and his story. She tells him he’s a villain and snaps him to the bunker. He talks smack and tries to snap himself out, but it doesn’t work.

Amara says the Winchesters found a way to bind him and now he’s pissed he’s being held against his will.


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Dean’s timeline

Dean tries to explain his feelings to Jack, but Jack says it’s not necessary. They arrive at the shop in New Mexico and are greeted at the door by Adam—the first human—and Sarafina the angel.

Adam wants to take Jack to the back for a “quiz” and Dean is suspicious. But Adam doesn’t like God and has been plotting against him forever.

They’ve been waiting on Jack and Billie’s been keeping Adam alive for this part of Jack’s ritual. Jack has to test some crystals to check for God’s divine spark. He figures out it lives in everything.

Afterward, Sarafina plunges her hand into Adam and pulls out one of his ribs. With this ingredient, Jack will turn into a super black hole where neither God nor the darkness can escape. It fuses his divine and human essences into one and once the process starts, he can’t turn it back.

Jack and Dean hit the road, but Dean pulls over. He apologizes to Jack for being cruel and acknowledges the weight of his mission. He sincerely thanks Jack. Dean receives a message about Chuck and Amara. It’s time.

Jack holds the rib in his hand and absorbs its mojo. Bomb activated.

Sam’s timeline

At the bunker, Sam grows frustrated. Cass feels hopeless too. Sam wishes he could speak to Billie, and they suddenly remember Sergei was looking for a key to Death’s gate in the bunker. The key leads to Death’s library.

Cass finds it. Sam utters the Latin inscription and a portal forms in the wall. Cass wants to go with him, but Sam insists he stay behind. Cass reassures Sam his inner compass is working fine and to trust himself.

Sam goes through the door and sees dead reapers on the floor. He quietly rounds the corner and sees the Empty personified in Billie’s seat. She’s forcing reapers to pray for Billie and killing them. She wants to talk to Death.

She finds Sam and they have a conversation. Apparently, Billie wants to be the new God and Empty doesn’t like that because she wants to go back to sleep.

Empty has God’s book but only Billie can read it. Sam tricks Empty into thinking Billie sent him for the book. He finally returns to the bunker with it. Cass tells him Amara and Chuck are there and it’s time.

Chucks flips the script

Amara is still trying to convince Chuck to change his mind. Dean arrives with activated Jack and rushes to the room. Sam hasn’t mentioned the book yet but is trying to stop Dean.

Chuck is smug because he’s controlling the current state of events with the Winchesters and Jack by planting visions and posing as various people and celestials.

Chuck explains they’re trying to kill him and Amara; there’s no cage. While he’s manipulating her, Sam tells Dean about Billie. The brothers argue because Dean doesn’t care about trading Chuck for everything. He’s angry and has Sam at gunpoint.

Chuck’s lines work and he absorbs Amara. Sam is upset. “My entire life, you’ve protected me,” he starts. He wants Dean to trust him and stop the process with Jack. They are crying.

Chuck blasts out of the room. He goes on a rant against Cass and the boys, and calls them stupid, stubborn, and broken. He’s over them.

The Winchesters say, “Screw you.” Chuck says it back and tells them to have fun watching Jack die. Jack’s hunches over in pain and begs for help. His eyes glow as if they’re about to burn out. This feels like the end.