‘Supernatural’ Episode 18 Recap: Everyone Hurts, Everyone Bawls

By the close of episode 17, there was a weightiness in the air that signaled the true beginning of the end. And it’s not just for the Winchesters, Jack, and Castiel, but for the audience too. It’s heavy. Dear Supernatural fans, everyone is in this together.

The cast and crew warned us these final episodes would be emotional, and it kicked with episode 18. This recap picks up where the last installment left off, with Chuck leaving Jack for dead.

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Supernatural, Season 15 episode 18, ‘Despair’]

'Supernatural' Season 15 episode 18
‘Supernatural’ Lisa Berry as Billie, Alexander Calvert as Jack, Jensen Ackles as Dean, Misha Collins as Castiel and Jared Padalecki as Sam | Colin Bentley/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network

Death comes to collect

Jack’s eyes bleed out as the guys try to slow down his death. They are scrambling and an angry Billie shows up. They beg her to stop it, and she says she can’t but she can do something.

She zaps Jack to the Empty. Jack is glowing and the Empty makes a snide remark about his presence right before he bursts.

Billie explains the Empty isn’t strong like God or Amara but it’s vast enough to absorb the impact of Jack the weapon. She tells the Winchesters and Cass the Empty has beef with her.

Billie demands the book from Sam, telling the Winchesters Jack may still be alive. They know her nefarious plan but give in with the hope to save Jack.

Dean tells Billie to bring Jack back. She reads the book as the angry Empty—who had to reassemble—attacks Jack. Billie snaps him back to the bunker but won’t let the Winchesters near him.

She says he’s still useful. Dean hits her with her scythe in the arm and she blasts him before disappearing. Now what?

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Charlie comes back…something is wrong

Dean and Sam have a heart-to-heart over beer about their current circumstances. Dean apologizes for attacking Billie. Billie returns to her office and lets her minion know the plan has changed. By the way, he put up new warding so the Empty can’t get back in.

The scene switches to Charlie who’s being served breakfast by her girlfriend. They’re having small talk about weapons at the table when the girl vanishes from the kitchen.

She calls the Winchesters for help and they chat. Outside Charlie’s place, Cass and Jack talk about how he feels. He feels strange because his destiny is over—but unfulfilled. Jack is sad and feels useless, and Cass tells him they care about him without any conditions. Jack is scared.

Sam and Dean tell Charlie about Death being their enemy. They believe Billie is collecting lives from other worlds as payback. They receive a call from Bobby and confirm it.

Sam is worried about Eileen and they leave. On the way, he texts her but the messages suddenly stop. When they arrive at her house, Sam finds her phone on the ground with an unsent message.

Upset, he tells the family to gather their friends and find them a safe place to hide out with warding. Dean wants to go after Billie since he has her scythe.

After checking in with Sheriff Donna about a hideout, Sam and Jack head her way. There’s a group assembled at an old silo, including Bobby and other hunters. Charlie shows up.

Jack starts to ward the place. Bobby and Sam have a conversation and Bobby’s concerned about whether it will work. There are children there too.Jack spots a plant growing out the ground and Donna advises him to seal it. He goes to touch it and it dies. What does it mean?

Dean and Castiel confront Billie

Dean and Cass arrive in Death’s domain and take a stance. They fight and Billie says she’s not the one hurting their people. “You’re in the wrong place.” Billie says it’s Chuck.

A little girl disappears from the warded silo, and so do the others, including Charlie, Bobby, and a frightened Donna—who we thought would be safe. Chuck kept his promise to take out the Winchesters’ loved ones.

Billie, who’s dying from the wound he inflicted, wishes to see Dean dead and breaks his hold. She grabs her weapon and swings. Cass and Dean barely escape, but she chases them into the bunker.

She whammies Dean’s heart and gives a speech about him being human disorder incarnate. Cass carries him through the bunker. They hide and Cass wards a door in blood. Billie bangs on the door, trying to break the sigil.

Castiel embraces happiness, his end

Dean feels guilty and says they should be with the others. “Everybody’s gonna die,” he apologizes. Cass contemplates what he can do and tells Dean about the Empty’s beef with him.

He’s ready to sacrifice himself to Billie and the Empty now that he understands the latter’s threat about seizing on his moment of happiness. Cass also believes the Empty can defeat Billie.

But more, Cass realizes he understands what happiness means. Cass reminds Dean of who he is. He’s a caring, selfless, loving human being. They’re both in tears—and so is the audience. Cass is so grateful that he had the chance to know him. It’s a goodbye.

“I love you,” he says tearfully to Dean as he pushes him out the way. Billie walks in, Cass smiles, and the Empty pulls in our sweet angel along with Billie. Stunned and heartbroken are the only words left.

Sam and Jack walk out of the silo and can’t get Dean on the phone. They’re worried. No one is left on Earth except the three of them. NO ONE. Dean is too grief-stricken to answer his phone.