‘Supernatural’ Episode 9 Recap: Chuck Gets Nasty in ‘The Trap’

The mid-season finale of Supernatural had Chuck take over a casino in parts unknown, and luring Sam and Eileen into a trap. Fortunately, Cass and Dean were able to get a spell to thwart Chuck/God from Michael (Adam). Episode nine picked up with God and his trickery, and the Winchesters separated by two different missions. Let’s jump into the recap.

Rob Benedict of 'Supernatural'
Rob Benedict of ‘Supernatural’ | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Chuck talks way too much but likes torture

Chuck has Sam and Eileen tied up at the casino and he explains how he orchestrated the setup with Eileen coming back, finding the Winchesters, and the “romance” between Sam and Eileen. We all should have known better. Back at the bunker, Dean is worried that he and Cass haven’t heard from them.

While Chuck starts to torture Sam with a scalpel, Eileen secretly calls Dean so he can hear it. Chuck notices and snatches the phone, greets Dean, and throws the phone against a wall. He then goes to fish the bullet out of Sam’s shoulder but gets nervous and decides to make Eileen do it.

Chuck controls her and has her stick the scalpel into him. He’s in pain from her twisting it and it’s not working. Sam is bleeding out. Meanwhile, Dean had just enough time to trace the call to a town in Nebraska.

Chuck eventually stops the torture and heals Sam. He thinks Sam’s hope is the root of his defiance, and says, “You still think you can win.” He rambles about his Thanos-level outcomes and with his powers, shows Sam what happens if the Winchesters win.

He has a watch that moves forward in time, and Sam can click ahead on any date to see the future. In one scenario, Jodi calls and says Claire is dead from a hunt.  

Dean and Cass are on God’s mission but don’t realize it

Cass and Dean go to Purgatory, and they’re being watched. Is it our old friend Benny? No, it’s a Leviathan. He tries to attack but Cass and Dean flip the script. They learn that the “thistle blossom” blooms from rotten corpses of Leviathan.

They make the prisoner lead them to where they grow, and Dean asks about Benny. He’s dead. The prisoner takes them to a field of the thistle blossoms but it’s a trap and Leviathans pop up to fight. Cass is locked in an angel circle and Dean gets knocked out.

Chuck keeps being diabolical, Dean finds Cass

Still watching the scenario, Sam sees the planet is overrun with monsters and Cass is gone. Wolves, vampires, etc. Everyone they love is dead, and Chuck continues to manipulate Sam. Sam continues to watch the brothers go after the same nest responsible for Claire’s death. They return home angry and disappointed, and it’s shown they’ve been turned into monsters!

Their hunter friends come after them—Jodi and Bobby—and the Winchesters are killed off. Chuck asks Sam what he thinks. He even shares that what Dean and Cass are doing are part of his plan. God builds his case by saying nature will be thrown off balance if he’s gone and the monsters will take over.

Apparently, Cass’ kidnapping is revenge courtesy of Eve for killing her Leviathan babies. When Dean comes to, Cass is gone and so are the flowers. While searching for Cass, Dean has a moment, and prays to him, apologizing to him. He’s in tears and says he forgives Cass about Jack, but guess what? The clock is winding down on the portal.

Things go as expected for Chuck

Dean finds a battered Cass who managed to get away from the Leviathan with a blossom. They make it back and do the spell. Cass has to take the mark, so the ball holding the power has to be destroyed by someone other than him. They rush to get to Sam and Eileen.

Cass and Dean arrive to save them, and they need Sam to destroy the ball with the magic in it. Chuck broke Sam’s spirit of hope and everyone watches God/Chuck heal his shoulder wound because Sam’s hopeful energy has disappeared.

Chuck picks up the magical sphere/weapon and crushes it. He continues to talk trash, saying he’s used to this outcome from all the Sams and Deans in other worlds. Dean tells him he won’t get the ending he wants this time. Chuck disappears.

Toward the end, Eileen leaves because they’re scared of what Chuck may manipulate next, but not before sharing a kiss with Sam. At the very end, Jack is shown with Billie, and she says, “It’s time.” Jack will be back!