‘Supernatural’ Season 15: Another Angel Will Return Before the Show’s End

Soon, we’ll be heading into the home stretch for Supernatural’s final season. Once March 16 rolls around, the show will be in its new time slot, airing the last half of the series’ episodes.

Since it was announced that season 15 would be it, everyone’s been throwing out their guesses and wishes for guest appearances. So far, we’ve seen Adam, Garth, Eileen, Amara, and Jack, but there is plenty of time for viewers to see more blasts from the past.

While Benny was only mentioned by name and Sheriff Jody is a given, the plot could still work in some other Supernatural figures, and there’s one angel who will be making his way back into the storyline.

Jared Padalecki in Supernatural
Jared Padalecki in ‘Supernatural’ | Shane Harvey/The CW

Uriel is landing

Thanks to a revealing and characteristically cheerful Instagram post from Misha Collins, we know that Uriel is due back. Collins (Castiel) shared a photo with Robert Wisdom (Uriel) indicating they recently filmed some last scenes together.

The character first appeared in season four as a double-crossing angel who was once Cass’s friend and ally but switched to the anti-human/pro-Lucifer side. Uriel wanted Lucifer to rule heaven because he was down with a group of angels who thought God abandoned them.

He killed angels that weren’t on board with his plan, and after Cass found out about the crafty betrayal, they got into a fight. Uriel bested Castiel, but Anna swooped in and took him out with his own angel blade.

How Uriel will probably be worked into the show

It may seem like Uriel is returning from the Void – the place angels go for the afterlife – but it is likely his presence is connected to some flashbacks.

According to TV Insider, there will be a Castiel-themed episode in the near future that explores his angel life. Viewers will probably get to see the inner workings of heaven before the fall and Uriel’s role under Cass.

That’s if writers stick to the current timeline and universe of Supernatural versus one of the many other worlds that Chuck created where there are other Sams, Deans, angels, heavens, and hells. Fans should expect the unexpected.

With Uriel confirmed, people think there’s a shot for another resurrection

Since we’re seeing so many dead folks return, many are hoping for Mark Sheppard’s Crowley to snap his fingers once more. Gone since season 11 after sacrificing himself to help the Winchesters, the demon became a fan favorite for his sarcastic quips and willingness to play both sides of the good/evil game.

Could it be a possibility? With Billie sending Jack back from the Void, it’s clear she has a say in who stays dead, but there are certainly other ways for Crowley to pop in and say, “Hello, boys” one last time.

And with Rowena running hell right now, a family reunion would be a fun and interesting angle if it helps to close out Supernatural.

Nine episodes remain of the beloved series, so don’t forget to tune in on March 16 when Supernatural returns in its new time slot on Mondays at 8 p.m. EST.