‘Supernatural’ Season 15 Episode 12 Recap: Chuck Goes on a Killing Spree, But There’s a Catch

In the previous episode of Supernatural, the Winchesters were reunited with Jack and learned Billie/Death has a master plan for him to kill Chuck.

The only caveat is that he has to stay off the radar so Chuck can’t sniff out his powers and find him. Without wasting any time, we’re going to dive right into the recap of Supernatural episode 12, “Galaxy Brain.”

'Supernatural' Season 15 'Galaxy Brain'
‘Supernatural’ Season 15 ‘Galaxy Brain’ | The CW Network/YouTube

God kills what he doesn’t like

God/Chuck seems to be in writer mode again, because goes into a Radio Shed store and tells the kid working there, “It’s monologue time.”

A discourse on the worthlessness of Sams and Deans from other worlds follows, and borrowing a line from Marie Kondo, he says they don’t spark joy for him.

But the real Sam and Dean do. He says they challenge him and don’t disappoint him. It’s “time to clear the board, other worlds, alternate realities, and spinoffs. It’s time to cancel shows.” God starts killing all those things.

Elsewhere, Sheriff Jody is investigating a cow mauling. She gets a call from Claire about dinner and hangs up right before being knocked out by a cloaked figure in a barn. She’s forced to call Sam and Dean in a “come or else” situation.

A tale of two Kaias

Alternate world Kaia is the one who took Jody. When the boys arrive, she explains she needs Jack to get her back to her world because it’s dying. She and the other Kaia are bound together and share memories. She is still alive in the alternate world.

They take her back to the bunker, and it’s the first time sheriff Jody meets Cass. Who knew that? They want to get Kaia back but form a plan to open a rift with magic and Sergei’s angel grace stash.

Not-Kaia wants to use Jack for immediate results, but that’s not happening. They shackle her because she hurt Jody to get to the Winchesters.

After doing some research, they figure they need Nephilim grace to open a portal, but realize Billie will be against that because Jack has to lay low. His essence sets off a signal detectable by Chuck.

Jody and Cass have a chat and it’s revealed that Claire has always wanted revenge against Not-Kaia. Jody gave her a false lead to keep her off this case. Jack has a conversation with Not-Kaia who blames him for Kaia being stuck. She begs him to “fix this” so Kaia doesn’t die.

He dream-walked to verify it and is convinced he needs to do it. He tells Sam and Dean, but Billie’s reaper Merle shows up and scolds him.

She threatens to tell Billie but he flips it on her and says he’ll open the rift and good luck telling Death it happened on her watch. She agrees to help, but not before declaring it “Winchester stupid.”

She tells them the warding is weak and they didn’t patch it all the way up. They repair the cosmic warding damaged by Amara – with Cass – and get ready, hoping Chuck/God doesn’t detect Jack’s mojo. Cass implores Jody to stay behind so that Claire doesn’t lose someone else if things go wrong.

Rescue mission attracts attention

With the angel tablet and Jack, they open the rift. Sam and Dean go in with Not-Kaia and are surrounded by red-eyed creatures. Not-Kaia says they’re scared of the stormy, apocalyptic conditions, and the monsters run away.

They find Kaia and she’s relieved to see Sam and Dean, and Not-Kaia decides to stay behind because she doesn’t belong in the other world. She’s ok with dying. Everyone makes it back safely and the next day, a grateful Kaia and Jody head back to Sioux Falls.

The crew isn’t sure if the warding worked, and the reaper Merle says if it didn’t, they’d all be dead. In that instant, she’s hit with a scythe and turns to dust. Billie reaps her reaper and says, “Hello boys.” The phrase doesn’t have Crowley’s swag, so it sounds like they’re in trouble.

She tells Jack she’s disappointed in him but explains what God has been doing by wiping out realities and dimensions. Of course, now that she’s Death, she has supreme knowledge of everyone’s death, including God’s.

He can’t access his own book of life without her permission, as it’s still being written. He’s not the writer either!

Everyone is reminded of that season five episode when original Death told Dean that he would one day reap God too (we’ve talked about it extensively on this site). Billie shares Chuck’s one weakness is he’s built himself into the framework of “this world.” That’s why he can’t kill this Earth.

Jack, Sam, and Dean all have a part to play in God’s death. That’s why Billie hasn’t reaped them yet. She didn’t say anything about Cass, so now all of us fans can wonder and worry about who we’re going to lose by the finale.