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Supernatural’s return on Oct. 8 found the Winchesters on the receiving end of affection and nurturing. In the hands of wood nymph Mrs. Butters, Sam, Dean, and bonus brother Jack were able to experience home-cooked meals, clean laundry, and special occasions like Christmas and birthdays.

Though she came close to killing all three of them, her better judgment prevailed and in the end, her warm qualities rubbed off on the boys.

By the episode’s close, Dean presented Jack with a homemade birthday cake and both brothers prompted him to blow out the candle. He closed his eyes and made an unspoken wish, but what was it?

Alexander Calvert of 'Supernatural'
Alexander Calvert of ‘Supernatural’ | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Jack’s history of semi wish-making

Step back to season 14 for a moment when Jack tried to cope with the aftermath of having no soul and being trapped in the Ma’lak box. He broke out, blasted Cass and the Winchesters with his power, and went on the run.

In episode 20 that season, Jack, feeling overwhelmed by the non-stop voices in and around him, issued one simple command: “Stop lying!” And with that, all lying in the entire world ceased to exist.

That single action caused a memorable ruckus in a software company and at the White House where the president admitted to making a deal with a demon named Crowley. To cauterize the chaos caused by Jack’s decree, Chuck/God showed up. It’d been ages since the Winchesters saw him.

Fans may remember this is where Chuck admitted he didn’t know the extent of Jack’s powers and offered Sam and Dean that magic gun to kill the Nephilim. It’s when viewers also learned Chuck feared Jack.

About Jack’s birthday wish

Dean slid the cake in front of Jack with the lit candle and Sam said, “Make a wish,” and then signature eerie music for Supernatural kicked in. Could it be foreshadowing? In those seconds, Jack thought for a moment, closed his eyes, and blew out the candle.

He wished for something out of his powerful subconscious, and given his conversations in episode 14, there are several major things that may have come to his mind.

One is his mom, Kelly. He spoke to Mrs. Butters about family and second chances. However, Jack also confided in Sam about not feeling strong enough to defeat God and save the world. Maybe he wished for the ability to do it—or a weapon to help him out.

Knowing Jack’s innocent disposition, he probably wished for something that’s wholesome on its surface but it may have unpredictable results.

Some fans are worried about Jack’s wish

A quick birthday wish is harmless on its own, but for a Nephilim, what does it mean? Some fans think Jack’s request may serve as a homing beacon for Chuck.

Billie warned everyone that his powers shouldn’t be used lest they attract God’s attention, and a few fans on Reddit expressed the wish may backfire.

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One person commented, “I remember Chuck talking about how he heard everyone’s prayers, and I was wondering if wishes work the same way.” Others chimed in to say that it “can’t be good.” It’s inevitable that Chuck is lurking somewhere waiting to square up against the Winchesters and their secret weapon.

When will he find out that Jack is back from the Empty? Tune in for the remaining episodes of Supernatural each Thursday at 8 p.m. EST to find out.