‘Supernatural’ Star Jared Padalecki Despises 1 Food But Loves Its Derivative

Jared Padalecki’s turn as Sam Winchester — a.k.a. Moose — on Supernatural may be over, but he’s poised to make his mark in Walker.

With the series premiering on The CW on Jan. 21, fans will see Padalecki in a new look, sporting shorter hair, a Texas Ranger uniform, and Chuck Norris’ old badge.

Though he won’t be doing a heap martial arts like his predecessor in this role, the actor uses a combination of workouts to stay in peak form and also has an array of foods that he prefers to eat. However, there’s one thing he doesn’t want on the menu.

Jared Padalecki
Jared Padalecki attends PaleyFest Los Angeles ‘Supernatural,’ 2018 | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Jared Padalecki has a few favorite comfort foods

Similar to his former character’s brother Dean, Padalecki occasionally likes to indulge in pie and burgers. However, he recently told Men’s Health  his main hankering these days is for blueberries. As a resident of Austin, Texas, he also loves local sandwich shop Snarf’s and is a regular customer.

Fans who scroll through Padalecki’s Instagram feed will notice occasional foodie-type photos of him and his family enjoying a spread from Snarf’s. But it’s not all about the sandwiches. Padalecki told the magazine he’s cut down on carbs in his diet like breads, sweets, pastas and rice.

“I just enjoy healthy foods these days,” he said. “I don’t desire chocolate cake. I’ll have some, sure. I just don’t wish for it.” Padalecki noted he and his wife keep chickens on their property, which along with their garden, provides them with fresh eggs and produce.

Padalecki also said he has burritos for breakfast, something co-star Jensen Ackles has teased him about in multiple interviews.

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Padelecki has 1 food that’s a no-no

Men’s Health peeked inside Padalecki’s immaculately organized refrigerator and it revealed plenty of water, fruit, milks, juices, and vegetables. When asked which food wouldn’t be found on his plate, Padalecki replied, “I love olive oil and I despise olives.”

“I will pour olive oil on everything I have, but if there’s a single olive on my pizza, then I’m just done with the pizza,” he said. Olives have the top spot on his hate list, but licorice and chocolate are also in that category. On the flip side, one can count on finding a spicy condiment in Padalecki’s pantry.

Padalecki sweats it out in sauna too

Although Padalecki doesn’t follow a diet exactly like Dean Winchester’s, he does get his exercise in — without swinging machetes or digging graves. He showed off his weights and cardio room, but fans may be surprised to see the actor also has an infrared sauna. The setup heats the body from the inside without any steam and instead uses infrared heat.

Additionally, Padalecki shared that his preferred workout these days is HIIT because of his busy schedule as an actor and father.

In Walker, viewers will get to see Padalecki hoist himself up onto a horse and do a little bit of martial arts. Though he won’t be using his strength to fight vampires, wraiths, or demons, he’ll still be doing action scenes.

Fans can tune in to see Padalecki in Walker on Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on The CW. And rumor has it Jensen Ackles may pop up on the series too to order up some pie.