‘Supernatural’ Teased the Debut of ‘Lucifer’ in Season 11

Supernatural and Lucifer are both separately popular shows that have gained a significant fan base since premiering. People can’t seem to get enough of the paranormal and unnatural genre.

And while it’s not often that a TV show references another one before its premiere, much less one that is on a different network and unrelated to the series, that’s exactly what Eric Kripke did. Giving fans a taste of what was to come in less than a week after its 10th episode of season 11 premiered, Supernatural teased the debut of a new hit TV series — Lucifer

The premise of ‘Supernatural’

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Supernatural has been around for 15 strong years, keeping fans invested from day one. The show follows Winchester brothers — Dean and Sam — all over the states as they take on the family business of fighting an array of supernatural beings. As hunters, they constantly get themselves into sticky situations, always with the intent to keep the world a better place, no matter the sacrifice

The brothers seek out ‘mysterious’ cases, sometimes with the help of friends, and investigate them for paranormal connections. These investigations have led them to a host of fascinating (yet terrifying) creatures, ranging from leviathans, lizard people, vampires, werewolves, poltergeists, and succubi to angels, archangels, demigods, demons, princes of Hell, and The Devil himself.

As Dean mentions as early as season one, episode two: “Saving people, hunting things. The family business.” 

The premise of ‘Lucifer’

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The premise of Fox and Netflix’s hit TV series Lucifer is that Lucifer is up and running in LA, stirring up all kinds of havoc – but also solving crime in his spare time. The witty, sarcastic, and charming fallen angel gets tired of punishing people for their wrongdoings in Hell and instead decides to take on the City of Angels up close and personal. 

The series follows The Devil as he manages his own nightclub and starts consulting with the LAPD after witnessing a brutal murder right in front of him. His persuasive manners and power to manipulate humans, to tell the truth, make him an incredible asset to the department.

As Lucifer mentions in season one: “It must just be something about this face?”

How ‘Supernatural’ teased about ‘Lucifer’ in season 11

Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar.
Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar. | JOHN P. FLEENOR/NETFLIX © 2020

Supernatural and Lucifer have a lot in common, most notably being Morningstar, the fallen angel. Their connection goes deeper, however, as the two hit series make references to each other. Something fans are completely here for.

“Though Lucifer isn’t a Supernatural spinoff, both shows occupy somewhat of a shared universe and feature some of the same mythical characters,” Mental Floss reported. “They also clearly have a shared affinity, as both shows have made sly nods to each other over the years.” Although Lucifer is played by two different actors, you can definitely notice a variety of similarities in how both series’ writers chose to portray him.

One notable nod to Lucifer, made by Supernatural writer Kripke, was in his season 11, episode 10, “The Devil’s in the Details” premiere. In this episode, Lucifer jokingly teases about the upcoming debut by telling Sam, “maybe I’ll retire and move to LA and solve crimes.”

It may have been a shock at first to get teased by Supernatural about an upcoming TV Series centered around Lucifer that isn’t a spinoff, but it was a welcomed one. Fans are going crazy about both shows and are relying on Lucifer to keep them submerged in the paranormal as Supernatural nears its series finale