‘Supernatural’: The Silly Reason Sam Had an Unexplained Sling in Season 10

The CW has been the home of several long-running hit television series over the years. Smallville, The Vampire Diaries, and Gossip Girl are just a few of their most popular series. The CW’s longest-running series, however, is Supernatural.

Unlike many CW shows, whose audience is mainly teen girls, Supernatural had a diverse fan base. The show had elements of horror that delighted fans of the spooky stuff, while also bringing in fantastical creatures. In addition to that, the two leads were easy on the eyes and had quite a few loyal followers. This loyal fan base seemingly knew everything about Dean and Sam Winchester, but they might not have known why one of their leading men was wearing a sling for a few episodes near the end of the series.  

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki striking a silly pose in front of a black background
(L-R) Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki | Phillip Chin/Getty Images

What was ‘Supernatural’ about?

Supernatural premiered in 2005, with the 15th and final season slated to be released in the fall of 2020. It was a hit with fans of the horror and fantasy genres, and also had a loyal following of teens. The show centered around Dean and Sam Winchester and their continuing crusade to rid the world of evil monsters. 

When Dean and Sam were very young, their mother was killed by a demon. Their father, John, swore to find that demon and avenge his wife’s death. He learned how to hunt monsters and destroy them during his search for the demon that killed her. He became a skilled hunter and extremely knowledgeable about the evil creatures in the world. 

When his sons were growing up, he taught them all he knew about evil beings, from vampires to demons to fallen angels, and everything between. Dean and Sam grew to be talented hunters like their father, and they battled evil forces even better than he did. 

Who played Sam Winchester?

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Sam Winchester was the younger of the two brothers, and he was portrayed by Jared Padalecki. Padalecki was born in Texas in 1982. He is the middle child in a family of three kids–he has an older brother and a younger sister. 

Padalecki began to take acting classes when he was just 12 years old, according to IMDb. In 1999, he won the “Claim to Fame” contest for the Teen Choice Awards and appeared as a presenter. It was there that he met his agent.

His big break came in 2000 when he became a part of the dramedy, Gilmore Girls. He played Rory’s love interest, Dean, on Gilmore Girls from 2000-2005. He then began his work on Supernatural. During his time on Gilmore Girls and Supernatural, he tried out for several notable movie roles, including Anakin Skywalker, Superman, and Conan. He was a final candidate for the role of Clark Kent in a reboot of Superman before the project was scrapped. 

Padalecki is now married to his Supernatural co-star, Genevieve. They have two sons and a daughter. He and Jensen Ackles, who played Dean Winchester, are incredibly close friends in real life. In 2005, they were voted “Sexiest Ghostbusters” by People magazine. 

Was he wearing a sling in Season 10?

In season 10, Sam Winchester was sporting a sling on his right arm for a few episodes. The sling was never actually addressed in the show, but fans definitely noticed it. It was easy to just chalk up to the work that the Winchester brothers did–you fight enough demons and you’re bound to get hurt once in a while. 

Jared Padalecki was wearing the sling due to an injury he received on the set when he was goofing around with a co-star, according to ScreenRant. He was well-known for being the goofball on set and his co-stars say that he loved to play pranks on them. He was messing around with Osric Chau, who played Kevin, when he dislocated his shoulder. The show’s creators didn’t think it was necessary to wait for him to heal, so they kept filming with the sling. They assumed fans would write it off as an injury that Sam received in a battle, and that’s exactly what they did.