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Chef Bobby Flay is one of the culinary industry’s most treasured restaurateurs. His success knows no bounds, and Flay is no stranger to a little constructive criticism. Which of Flay’s superstar chef friends called him out recently, and what are fans saying about it?

Bobby Flay posts how-to videos on Instagram

Bobby Flay
Chef Bobby Flay attends the Hamptons Magazine Celebration with Cover Star Bobby Flay at Calissa. | Mark Sagliocco/Getty Images for Hamptons Magazine

You don’t hit celebrity chef status without participating in as many food competitions as Bobby Flay has. The chef wins 90 percent (or more!) of the time. He also posts plenty of how-to videos on his Instagram page to help his fans recreate some of his most coveted dishes.

Flay recently posted a Christmas Eve “Lasagna with Roasted Cauliflower Bechamel and Mushroom Bolognese.” The dish is a “fully vegetarian lasagna…layered with tons of flavor (and homemade pasta sheets)” that he planned to take to a potluck.

In another video, Flay makes “Classic Guacamole” with the help of Flay’s two Maine Coon cats, Nacho — who has his own Instagram account — and Stella.

However, there’s one video where Flay gets called out for something other than his cooking. Fans have a lot of feelings about it.

Who called out Bobby Flay for his no-bake dessert video?

Leave it to Flay to gift fans with an early Christmas present. On Dec. 24, Flay posted a video about a no-bake dessert he planned to make, thanks to the panettone bread from chef, Marc Vetri.

While chef Vetri commented, “Merry Christmas brother,” and fellow chef and friend Alex Guarneschelli simply said, “Yum,” it’s the comment another celebrity chef made that snagged everyone’s attention.

“Bobby, let’s talk about sunblock for that alabaster, ginger-type skin flow out in Cali,” chef Sunny Anderson said. “Plus you’re in tha holla, closer to the sun. SPF yaself…I want you healthy…cuz I can’t pick on you if you’re not”

Her comment has 126 likes so far, with fans chiming in.

“Your replies to @bobbyflay are priceless! She’s right Bobby. Sunscreen up!” one fan said. “Need him supple and protected!!” Anderson commented back.”

Others took a closer look at Flay’s skin. “Agree with your assessment! The lesion on his nose looks concerning,” one person added. “The red spot above his left eye yesterday video had me concerned.” another said.

Anderson’s comment was all in good fun (and neighborly concern), but maybe Flay should take the advice and keep his skin “supple and protected.”

Sunny Anderson is a huge Bobby Flay fan

In case you’ve never caught an episode of Flay’s Food Network show, Beat Bobby Flay, Anderson is a regular guest judge who loves to show off her admiration.

It’s no secret she’s a super fan, having worn various shirts decorated with all things with Flay. She speaks about him and posts about him often and isn’t shy about letting him know how much love she has for everything he does.

Anderson is the gal everyone wants in their corner. So while her comment about Flay’s “alabaster skin” was completely off-topic, she did so out of genuine love and concern for her friend.

We only hope Flay takes Anderson’s advice and slathers on that sunscreen.