‘Superstore’ Recap: Jonah and Cheyenne Try To Move up in Cloud 9

“Floor Supervisor” marked the first episode of Superstore since America Ferrera’s departure from the show. The episode aired on NBC on Nov. 12, and showed the characters all trying to move on following Amy’s big move to California. At the heart of the episode’s plot, both Jonah (Ben Feldman) and Cheyenne (Nichole Sakura) compete for the position of floor supervisor at Cloud 9.

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Season 6 Episode 3 of Superstore.]

Mark McKinney as Glenn, Lauren Ash as Dina, Ben Feldman as Jonah | Greg Gayne/NBC

Glenn is back as store manager in ‘Superstore’

With Amy having a new job at Zephra in Superstore, Glenn (Mark McKinney) steps back up as store manager, much to Dina’s (Lauren Ash) chagrin. As Glenn leads his first morning meeting back as manager, he tries his hardest not to say Amy’s name for Jonah’s sake but fails.

Glenn tells the Cloud 9 employees that because he stepped up to replace Amy, his old position of floor supervisor is now available. He also repeatedly gets nervous throughout the meeting.

Because he promised his wife he would remove himself if the job became too stressful, he abruptly ends the meeting early. Dina is baffled at the fact Glenn was hired as a manager twice due to his nerves and indecision.

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Jonah and Cheyenne compete for floor supervisor

With Amy gone and Jonah’s planned future disrupted, Jonah tells Glenn that he is interested in being floor supervisor. Glenn is onboard with the idea, but Dina is unsure. She knows that Jonah is innovative and likes to push for new ideas, while she wants to keep things as the status quo.

After Jonah lists off changes he would want to make, Dina rushes to Cheyenne and encourages her to apply as well. In her mind, Cheyenne will do whatever Dina and Glenn want.

Jonah begins campaigning for the position, and at first it seems like he has the support of most of the Cloud 9 staff. Dina then encourages Cheyenne to campaign and make empty promises, which include free Olive Garden breadsticks and a vaccine against the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Mateo and Garrett’s storylines

While Jonah and Cheyenne compete as part of the Superstore episode’s main plot, Garrett (Colton Dunn) spends the day with Sandra’s (Kaliko Kauahi) adopted son Tony (Benjamin Norris). When Tony asks Garrett how one could know they are in love, Sandra assumes that Garrett has never actually been in love. Toward the end of the episode, it is hinted that Garrett might still harbor feelings for Dina.

Mateo (Nico Santos) continues to work as the assistant to Cloud 9’s store manager and he is now Glenn’s assistant. After Glenn makes a comment about giving Mateo more executive power, Mateo tries to fire Justine (Kelly Schumann) and does not allow Carol (Irene White) to take time off.

Glenn tells Mateo to stop, and that he should just sit in his office on his phone unless Glenn gives him a task. Mateo smiles, and it seems that this is what he wanted all along.

Cheyenne is the new floor supervisor on ‘Superstore’

As Cheyenne and Dina heighten their campaign tactics against Jonah, everyone at Cloud 9 gets into a discussion about cancel culture. Dina lets it slip she just wants Cheyenne to be floor supervisor so things can stay the same.

This angers Cheyenne, and she lists off all the great ideas she has for the store. Everyone is clearly impressed, and while Dina tries to campaign for Marcus (Jon Barinholtz) to get the position, Cheyenne wins in a landslide once votes are counted.